Small and medium-sized businesses scale with Oracle Cloud platform

Oracle Enables Companies of All Sizes to Succeed with Easy-to-Deploy Cloud Solutions

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Nov. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Oracle Corporation announced today that small and medium sized business (SMBs) turn to Oracle for strategic collaboration on their journey to the Cloud. SMBs are utilizing the benefits of enterprise-grade capabilities delivered by Oracle Cloud Platform for rapid application development, fast and predictable performance, reliable security, and elastic scalability to support their growth.

Oracle Cloud Platform offers an integrated offering across Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to enable developers, IT and line of business leaders to leverage the Cloud. These offerings allow SMBs to develop, deploy and manage any application or workload. Oracle offers a strategic platform to help solve business challenges and ensure time-to-value with the cloud. This offering allows SMBs to utilize the same best-in-class features that enterprises leverage.

MCH Data Taps Oracle Database Cloud Service for Seamless Transition into the Cloud

MCH Strategic Data is a data services company headquartered in Sweet Springs, Missouri that specializes in collecting and compiling data from institutions in the education, healthcare, government and religious sectors. With its nimble 100-person staff, MCH relies on third-party vendors to manage many of its technology systems. When one of MCH Data's vendors needed to be replaced, they standardized on Oracle as other vendors failed to meet their needs. Oracle Database Cloud Service provided an easy and fast transition to the Cloud as MCH Data was able to provision a complete Oracle Database Cloud Service environment in a few minutes and get started immediately without upfront costs.

"The power of data in the Cloud is in the ability to rapidly leverage it for business insights that drive our customers' success," said Brian Vogelsmeier, director of IT, MCH Strategic Data. "As collecting data is paramount to our business, we needed to pick a vendor that has best-in-class database Cloud technology that makes the back up to the database seamless, hence our choice to leverage Oracle's services."

Pragmatyxs Standardized on Oracle Database Cloud Service, PaaS and IaaS for Efficiency, Security and 24/7 Availability

Pragmatyxs, a company that works with Fortune 500 clients to ensure smooth communications between their supply chain and finance systems, as well as the barcode and product labels mandated by regulatory bodies, also leverages Oracle. All of Pragmatyxs' clients' product labels must comply with industry and regulatory standards, across dozens of countries. Pragmatyxs had an Oracle Database on premises, in addition to using Java for product development.They chose to migrate both to the Cloud in order to reduce the amount of time that their spent on maintenance and support, without having the upfront hardware costs, without needing to know backup and recovery commands, and without having to perform complex tasks such as database software upgrades and patching.

"We launched our Cloud based label printing service for our partners and remote facilities which was a strategic initiative for our business. We have 15 employees, so we needed a solution that was the most efficient and secure with 24/7 availability," said Paul Van Hout, CEO and Founder, Pragmatyxs. "By using Oracle Database Cloud Service, PaaS and IaaS, Pragmatyxs utilizes Oracle's Database Cloud Service, Java Cloud Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Messaging and Cloud Service. We are maximizing the efficiency promised by the Cloud while giving our customers a better, more configurable product. With Oracle, we can stay ahead of the industry and compete like we never could before."

IQMS ERP Selects Oracle Cloud Platform to Offer Customers Cloud Backup and Industry-Leading Security

After 27 years of offering manufacturing operations applications entirely under a licensed, on-premises model, IQMS ERP, a comprehensive manufacturing MES and ERP software system, now offers the choice to subscribe to the software as service running on Oracle Cloud Platform. This allows them to offer customers capabilities they didn't have before, such as Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service alongside its IQMS application, providing the tools for companies to analyze and visualize the extensive Internet of Things (IoT) data that IQMS collects on factory-floor machine performance. Similarly, IQMS has started offering Oracle's Cloud backup service, for both Cloud and on-premises versions of IQMS. Since IQMS applications run on the Oracle Database, the Cloud backup service drew immediate interest from customers.

"For its reliability, price point, and strong security, the real value of Oracle Cloud Platform is being able to offer customers more services along with added simplicity," said Gary Nemmers, CEO and President, IQMS. "If any component fails, factories stop and that can't happen. With Oracle Cloud Platform, our customers have benefits like more extensive data encryption than they run in house and some have even freed up resources previously tied up with on-premises datacenter maintenance."

"We are proud to be helping businesses of all sizes build, grow and compete in the Cloud," said Ashish Mohindroo, Vice President, Oracle Cloud. "With a single, connected cloud, Oracle offers SMBs more than just subscription software. We are proud to be a strategic partner to help explain how all of the pieces of our cloud work together to help solve business challengesóby helping SMBs build innovative applications and solutions for sales, marketing, finance and reporting, to talent and recruitment drives."

In addition to subscription pricing that's SMB-friendly, Oracle has improved the buying experience to help enable customers be successful with their cloud purchases. Oracle created The Accelerated Buying Experience to make purchasing cloud services fast and simple. Rather than taking weeks to execute a transaction, customers can now complete their purchases in a matter of hours or a few days.

Key features include:

Data Management
MySQL Cloud Service
Oracle Database Cloud Service
Exadata Express Cloud Service
Big Data Cloud Service
Cloud Native Application Development
Application Builder Cloud Service
Application Container Cloud Service
Java Cloud Service
Mobile Cloud Service
Application Integration Cloud Service
SOA Cloud Service
Application and Cloud Management
Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service
Log Analytics Cloud Service

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