ACT Mortgage Capital launches loan origination and tracking system for brokers

Web-Based ‘ACTSys’ Portal Built On Proven MindBox Technology Platform

Greenbrae, Calif., April 25, 2005– ACT Mortgage Capital, a wholesale lender based in Sunrise, Florida, and MindBox, LLC, a leading provider of rules-based software products for automating loan origination decisions, deal structuring, and underwriting, announced today the launch of ACTSys, a Web-based portal for ACT’s mortgage broker community. ACTSys is built on MindBox’s ARTEnterprise Product Suite, which automates every decision step in the mortgage lending process using patented rules- and case-based decisioning technology. ACTSys provides brokers the ability to receive instant decisions on a wide variety of loan decisions, including prequalification, pricing, quick quotes, rate locking, credit analysis, product eligibility and best-fit deal structuring.

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to speed decisions to our brokers in the areas of pricing, product eligibility and loan processing,” explains Nelson Haws, President and CEO of ACT Mortgage Capital. “With MindBox, we have been able to gain more control over our loan eligibility and pricing decisions. We have also been able to create a broker portal that makes it easy and attractive for brokers to do business with us. These new capabilities will result in greater volume and profits for our company.”

“We are very pleased to be working with ACT Mortgage Capital to help them implement their vision,” explained Rich Barfus, President and CEO of MindBox LLC. “Our technology forms the infrastructure that will allow ACT to successfully compete and rapidly grow in the marketplace. We are pleased that the ARTOptimize product family and the MindBox Power Editor have provided ACT with a foundation that can be incrementally added to long into the future to keep ACT on the cutting edge.”

MindBox Technical Expertise

ACT Mortgage Capital chose MindBox for its technology platform as well as the company’s reputation for successful implementations of automated lending systems in the mortgage industry. ACT was also impressed by the capabilities of MindBox’s sophisticated decision technology. MindBox’s ARTOptimize and MindBox Power Editor products are being used to:

• Automate a prequalification process that provides the broker or borrower with initial eligible products, rate look up and ranking by borrower preferences.

• A Quick Quote feature that allows the system to provide early pricing for a given deal

• Credit Pull and Analysis to determine the best possible product deal to offer the borrower

• Product Best Fit decisioning to determine which product package best meets the preferences and needs of both the lender and the borrower. ARTOptimize™ is a powerful product that automates the process of creating an individually-tailored financial package for a given customer, resulting in automated, complete personalization of every step in the loan origination and underwriting process. Specifically, ARTOptimize™ leverages an institution's data and sophisticated decision technology to complete the following steps:

• Integrates credit data from multiple sources;

• Analyzes and acts upon that credit data according to specific company policy;

• Provides explanations of credit decisions made and why subsequent actions were taken;

• Prices the final product, providing the best possible offer for the specific customer;

• Provides a list of conditions that must be met in order for the loan to be granted;

• Provides a suggested list of debt consolidation strategies the borrower might take in order to lower costs and create a better debt portfolio;

• As part of this debt consolidation scenario, lays the foundation for the cross selling of other products, specifically, HELOCs and line of credit products.

MindBox provides the MindBox Power Editor with each of the components. The MindBox Power Editor is a multi-level editing application that allows business users to modify or update automated business policies. It also allows the business user to define the hierarchy and organization of rules in the system, ensuring that the system follows the business practices required.

About ACT Mortgage Capital

ACT Mortgage Capital is a wholesale mortgage lender based in Sunrise, Florida and licensed to conduct business in the states of Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, with licenses pending throughout the United States.

About MindBox, LLC

MindBox® is a technology company focused on financial services organizations. MindBox provides s oftware and consulting services that leverage company and industry best practices in order to automate common lending practices such as underwriting, pricing, product best fit, deal structuring, debt reparation and cross sell across multiple origination channels. The company’s products and services have a proven track record of reducing cost and increasing revenue by automating knowledge-intensive business processes using sophisticated decisioning systems and award-winning rule and case-based reasoning software.

MindBox technology integrates internet interfaces and other client contact channels with back-end business operations into one streamlined, efficient system that provides individually-tailored, optimized customer interactions. More information can be found by visiting or by calling (877) 650-MIND (6463).

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