8th International Decision Support Systems Conference (ISDSS'05) meets July 12-15, 2005

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, July 10, 2005 -- The Eighth International Conference on Decision Support Systems (ISDSS'05), "Trends in DSS Research and Practice", sponsored by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Special Interest Group on Decision Support Systems (SIG DSS), meets July 12-15, 2005. For more information check .

ISDSS'05 is hosted by the School of Management of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). The Conference Chair is Denis Borenstein, UFRGS, and Program co-chairs, Frada Burstein, Monash University, Australia and João Luiz Becker, UFRGS. The core conference will take place at the Sheraton Porto Alegre Hotel, a five star international hotel.

The purpose of the 8th Conference of the International Society for Decision Support Systems - ISDSS'05 is to promote discussion and interaction among members of the information systems community with research interests about cutting edge decision support systems. The 2005 conference provides an opportunity for researchers to look into innovative techniques and practices aimed at improving decision processes and outcomes. The emphasis is on emerging enterprise decision making practices, increasing needs to making decisions and reasoning under uncertainty, new infrastructure for decision making in organizations and society, the role of web technologies, and emerging theories and practices for knowledge management.

The first conference, ISDSS'90, was held at the University of Texas, in Austin, Texas in September 1990. The second ISDSS Conference was held in Ulm, Germany in May 1992 with the theme "Exploring the Next Generation of Decision Support Systems". Professor Dr. F. J. Radermacher chaired the meeting. In 1995 the 3rd International Society for Decision Support Systems conference was held in Hong Kong, June 22-23, 1995. The conference was held at the University of Science and Technology. Prof. Tung Bui was the program chair.

ISDSS'97, the 4th Conference of the International Society for Decision Support Systems was held at the Ecole des HEC, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, July 21-22 1997. Prof. Andy Boynton (IMD, Switzerland) and Prof. Yves Pigneur (Ecole des HEC of The University of Lausanne, Switzerland) were the co-chairs.

The Fifth International Conference was held in Melbourne, Australia July 20-23, 1999. The theme was "Decision Support in the New Millennium". The Conference Chair was Prof. Frada Burstein, Monash University, Australia. The Program Co-Chairs were Tung X. Bui, University of Hawaii, USA and David Arnott, Monash University, Australia. The 6th ISDSS Conference (ISDSS'01) was held July 2-4, 2001, London, United Kingdom.

In 2003, the 7th international conference (ISDSS'03) was held in Ustron, Poland July 13-16, 2003. The theme was "DSS in the Uncertainty of the Internet Age". The conference was hosted by the Department of Computer Science of the Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice, Poland. The Conference Chair was Tung X. Bui, University of Hawaii, and the Conference Co-Chair was Henryk Sroka, University of Economics in Katowice, Poland.

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