New Flash authoring software is streaming onto the scene

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 14, 2005 -- Xtivity is a new Macromedia Flash (SWF) authoring program that allows the user to work in a layout style environment and avoid having to code or debug projects. Xtivity generates SWF files just like Flash does, but is much easier on the non-developer to use and is almost half the cost of Flash. Xtivity offers streaming video, audio, includes components, elements, content management, direct importing of PSD files and so much more.

Xtivity provides the user with a visual workspace similar to a layout program. The user draws boxes, places content in the boxes, adds actions to the boxes and then defines what triggers the actions to start and stop. Using these four steps an average user can build an entire interactive website with no experience necessary.

As the market for rich interactive media continues to grow, more sites are placing Flash on their pages to provide engaging experiences, and to improve and control the flow of information between the viewer and the site. Flash is without a doubt the world leader in providing this type of experience and interaction, as it has an impressive 98.3% market penetration on browsers around the world.

Xtivity is a full-featured application capable of doing a majority of what Macromedia Flash can do, but with little to no learning curve. As Flash is a development program requiring coding skills, Xtivity promises to expand the market for interactive media and rich Internet applications to include non- developers and designers alike.


Xtivity was created with a single guiding principle: Simple is Better. The workflow and rapid development environment of Xtivity is a major advantage to professionals who make their living designing websites and presenting information.

Xtivity keeps the logic and content separated from each other, so that changes can be done to either, without affecting the other. An entire slideshow and navigational list can be updated with new content, without affecting the interaction or logic that makes the project work.

This efficient workflow design enables the user to do more in the same amount of time. Traditionally, creating a Flash project has been considered a development process. Xtivity changes this into a creative process. Now the user can focus on the design and viewer interaction, and not worry about the programming and debugging.


Xtivity, which is available at the Tivity Online Store (, is priced at $399 and is now available for purchase. Educational pricing and volume licensing are also available. Xtivity is also available from authorized resellers around the world. For more information visit the Tivity Software web site: or call toll-free 1-866-XTIVITY or 205-980-7656.

Xtivity is currently available for the Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP platform.


Tivity Software produces authoring applications that are used to build and manage interactive media for the web. Tivity products are designed to provide a fast and intuitive way to develop and maintain engaging web projects. Tivity Software is based in Birmingham, Alabama, USA and is a privately held company.

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