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                September 11, 2000 -- No. 10
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Ask Dan!
Where can I download DSS software?
On Saturday, 2 September 2000 Helen Li of San Diego wrote:
I would appreciate it if you could tell me from which web sites I can 
download free DSS software.
Hi Helen--
A number of vendors have demonstartion versions of their software 
available for download.  Many of the packages are for Decision Analysis 
and for developing Model-Driven DSS. Data-Driven DSS vendors with OLAP 
or Business Intelligence products are more likely to have Web-Based 
demonstrations or slide shows of their products. You can also find GDSS 
and Knowledge-Driven DSS on the Web.
Check the following:
ANALYTICA 2.0 from Try it free for 30 days with
the Analytica trial.
ArcView GIS Demo Edition, February 1999 Update (Windows only) at
BestChoice3 at The vendor is Logic 
Brio.Enterprise and Brio.Report Self-Running demonstrations at
Criterium Decision Plus (an AHP implementation) at 
(Free student version of CDP 3.0).
DATA 3.5 trial download at
InterNetivity databeacon 5.0 and dbProbe 4.11 examples at 
Expert Choice at (Free EC2000 trial version).
Fuzzy Judgment Maker at (Download demos of the 
FuzzyKnowledgeBuilder, FuzzyThoughtAmplifier and FuzzyJudgmentMaker).
MeetingWorks by Enterprise Solutions, Inc. at (FREE 8 
participant copy of MeetingWorks GDSS).
Pilot Software ( has a walkthrough online of its 
Balanced Scorecard system.
Visionary 2.0 from Informix at  You need to contact 
a sales rep. has online demonstration of its emanagement solutions.
NOTE to DSS News Subscribers: Please let me know of others DSS 
demonstration programs, online DSS, etc. or post the information to the 
DSSResources.COM Bulletin Board.
What's New? at DSSResources.COM
09/11/2000 DSSResources.COM received the "Critical Mass Award".  Check 
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09/09/2000 Updated and posted Chapter 6 "Understanding DSS Architecture, 
Networking, and Security Issues" of the DSS Hyperbook.
09/08/2000 Posted Power, D. J. and S. Kaparthi. Spreadsheets, In 
Bidgoli, H. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Information Systems. Academic Press, 
in press for 2001, PDF (553KB).
09/04/2000 Posted Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 Slide Shows on DSS Hyperbook 
Slideshow page.
09/03/2000 Updated General DSS Related Web Links page.
09/03/2000 Updated and posted Chapter 5 "Designing and Evaluating DSS 
User Interfaces" of the DSS Hyperbook.
09/01/2000 Posted Preface to Decision Support Systems: Concepts and 
DSS News Stories - Aug. 28 to Sept. 11, 2000
09/11/2000 QUALCOMM announced Eudora 5.0. New version features automatic 
file sharing and syncing capabilities, a flame monitor, and email 
statistics tracking.
09/11/2000 Comshare announced that beta testing is in its final phase 
for Comshare MPC(TM) 4.0. It will integrate strategic
planning, budgeting, financial consolidation, management reporting, and 
analysis processes into a single, packaged-software
09/08/2000 NaviSite announced it has entered an alliance with Compaq to 
deliver a complete web hosting solution integrated
with managed storage.
09/07/2000 Oracle and Open Text announced a partnership to enable single 
point access to Content Management and
Collaborative capabilities.
09/06/2000 Harrah's Entertainment announced it received the 2000 
Leadership in Data Warehousing Award from the Data
Warehousing Institute (TDWI) in recognition of it Total Rewards 
customer-loyalty program.
09/06/2000 Jones Lang LaSalle will develop a Web-Based Management 
Planning and Control System with Comshare.
09/06/2000 Business Objects announced its sixth annual international 
user conference October 15-18, 2000. Conference
theme is "e-Business Intelligence @ Work in the Real World."
09/05/2000 KDnuggets poll points to strong Clementine growth; SPSS data 
mining workbench tops KDnuggets Web poll.
09/05/2000 NEC Research Institute announced magnetic disk drives may be 
able to store up to 100 times more data using
new composite materials.
09/01/2000 Roadmap's Geneva forecasting software predicts Al Gore will 
have a narrow victory in the 2000 Presidential
09/01/2000 ASSISTUM software used in initiative to increase the value of 
UK Oil and Gas reserves by £1 billion. The
prototype application includes a framework of over 100 questions.
08/31/2000 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama won DM Review 2000 
World Class Solutions Award for its Seagate
Software Business Intelligence implementation.
08/31/2000 FedEx Express has concluded negotiations to build a new 
state-of-the-art technology center in Colorado Springs,
Colo., and recently opened a new center in Dallas.
08/31/2000 GE Medical Systems creates global information technologies 
company to help hospitals improve performance and
the delivery of care.
08/30/2000 Brio Technology qualified as a member in the Microsoft Data 
Warehousing Alliance 2000 Program.
08/30/2000 Cognos extended its business intelligence solution with new 
data mart creation capabilities. The new 6.5 version of
Cognos DecisionStreamTM significantly extends capabilities for creating 
subject-oriented data marts.
08/29/2000 Brio Technology announced availability of Brio.Enterprise 
08/28/2000 MicroStrategy announced restructuring plan and new 
distribution strategy; reduction of MicroStrategy’s workforce
by 234, 10% of its total worldwide headcount.
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