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                September 24, 2000 -- No. 11
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Ask Dan!
When can I buy a printed copy of your book?
Recently, I received the following message. 
>Subject: I want your book
>I am valiantly trying to read your book online since the print option 
>is not enabled.  My home work space is not very comfortable. If I could 
>purchase a paper copy from you I would like to.  Your book is a heck of 
>a lot more insightful and informative and succinct than the course text 
>I bought.  Keep it coming.  
Thanks. I always appreciate receiving nice comments about my DSS 
hyperbook.  On Sunday, September 24, 2000, I posted an updated version 
of Chapter 1 at DSSResources.COM.  In the past few months that chapter 
has been downloaded more than 1800 times. I am in the process of 
revising chapters 9 through 11 and I need to complete chapter 12.  
So, it is not possible to sell a completed book at this time. 
What am I looking for from a publisher?  
I want a publisher that can bring expertise and credibility to the 
project.  DSSResources.COM needs to remain part of the mix in publishing 
a printed book. I want to keep the book current, but 
I don't want to deal with order processing and order fulfillment. I have 
investigated operating my own e-commerce site, but it doesn't
seem justified for one book!! Also I need some marketing help.  
I am exploring a number of opportunities for publishing and selling 
the finished book. 
One possibility is publishing it as eMatter at You would 
pay about $20 for the entire book and each buyer could print out a 
single copy of the book. The problem, of course, is possible abuse of 
the copyright.
A second possibility is working with a "new" publisher like and having a Web version and a print version. 
Readers could buy and access a Web version where pages could be printed 
for 6 months or buy the printed version.
A third possibility is to publish the DSS Hyperbook with a more
traditional publisher like Wiley, Greenwood (Praeger and Quorum) or 
What ever happens I hope I can keep a read-only version at 
As I said, I'm exploring these possibilities and I hope to know more in 
the next few months. Your comments, suggestions and feedback would be 
much appreciated.
What's New? at DSSResources.COM
09/24/2000 Posted revised Chapter 1 "Supporting Business 
Decision-Making" of the DSS Hyperbook.
09/17/2000 Updated and posted Chapter 8 "Implementing 
Communications-Driven and Group Decision Support Systems" of the DSS 
09/16/2000 DSSResources.COM received Visual Xtreme's "Bronze" award of 
excellence.  Posted award in About Us.
09/15/2000 Updated and posted Chapter 7 "Building Data-Driven Decision 
Support Systems" of the DSS Hyperbook.
DSS News Stories - Sept. 11 to Sept. 22, 2000
09/22/2000 announced top ten sites on the Web to find Finance 
09/21/2000 U.S. Air Force selected Lockheed Martin to modernize its air, 
missile and space command and control (C2) systems; 15 year program may 
cost $1.5 billion.
09/20/2000 KPMG Global Study: Majority of companies see Internet 
transforming their industry role.
09/19/2000 Deutsche Bank invested $33 million in AlphaBlox and 
formalized a strategic partnership. Deutsche Bank has developed business 
critical analytical applications using the AlphaBlox platform.
09/19/2000 IBM purchased Stampede's TurboGold client-to-server 
accelerator for its more than 300,000 Lotus Notes users
09/18/2000 Actional Control Broker to play key integration role in 
Dresdner Bank's new Web-Based Loan Pricing Tool.
09/15/2000 SPSS and Informix partner to deliver Analytic Customer 
Relationship Management solutions.
09/14/2000 Aviation executives test system from In-Flight Network and 
Globalstar that allows commercial airline passengers access to low-cost, 
high-speed Internet and e-mail services in-flight.
09/14/2000 Informix Extended Parallel Server software, a high-end data 
warehouse product, set a world record in the 1000GB TPC-H benchmark on a 
Sun Enterprise 10000 server.
09/14/2000 IBM announced several new models of its NetVista PC family 
and a 1GB Microdrive.
09/13/2000 USA Truck has selected's OptiStop(R) and 
Strategic Profitability Analysis(TM) decision supportsystems.
09/13/2000 Comshare and Informix partner to resell Ardent DataStage and 
Comshare products.
09/13/2000 Oracle bests IBM DB2 in new study on Database Total Cost of 
09/12/2000 Comshare received certification as a software 
partner. Comshare Decision provides OLAP reporting to the SAP Business 
Information Warehouse.
09/12/2000 Departments of Justice, Labor, the Interior, Agriculture, and 
Health and Human Services failed a computer security review. By The 
Associated Press CNET
09/12/2000 GeoQuest introduced DecisionPoint. It is a new solution to 
transform upstream petroleum decision-making.
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