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                October 9, 2000 -- No. 12
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Ask Dan!
Posted By Samuel Teong on October 06, 2000
What are the main types or categories of decision models
used in DSS model base software?
Recently, I posted Chapter 9 of my DSS Hyperbook that discusses 
building Model-Driven DSS. As I wrote and rewrote the chapter, I had 
to choose among various organizing frameworks. In the most recent
revision I tried to examine 10 Management Science problem 
types: Cost-benefit analysis; Forecasting; Finance and investment;
Inventory control and stockout; Location, allocation, distribution 
and transportation; Manpower planning and assignment; Project planning 
and control; Queuing and congestion; Reliability and replacement policy; 
and Sequencing and scheduling.
I finally decided to discuss these 10 common decision support problem 
types in terms of five general categories of models: accounting and 
financial models, decision analysis models, forecasting models, 
network and optimization models, and simulation models.
This structure helped organize my thinking. I deal with statistical, 
and artificial intelligence models in my chapter on Knowledge-Driven 
DSS and mining data ....
I would especially appreciate any comments on Chapter 9. Please send
me your comments or post them to the DSSResources.COM Bulletin Board.
What's New! at DSSResources.COM
10/03/2000 Updated and posted Chapter 9 "Building Model-Driven Decision 
Support Systems" of the DSS Hyperbook.
09/27/2000 Posted Chapter 4, Chapter 5, and Chapter 6 DSS Book Slide 
DSS News Stories - Sept. 22 to Oct. 06, 2000
10/06/2000 'Transforming Information into Opportunity' is theme of 
ShowCase's User Conference, COMPASS 2000, Oct. 8-11, 2000, Orlando, Fla.
10/05/2000 Enron plans to provide computers, broadband access to 
employees for use at home. 
10/05/2000 MathSoft Data Analysis Division introduced S-PLUSŪ 6 for 
UNIX/Linux. Major upgrade includes Java-based Graphical User Interface 
and connectivity. 
10/04/2000 NCR funded study predicts total market for terabyte-sized 
data warehouse systems should reach 3,200 by 2002.
10/03/2000 CACI forms strategic alliance with Maximal to offer Data 
Visualization and Analysis Tool. 
10/02/2000 LeapSource unveils CxO Desktop Interface. Executives can 
monitor key business indicators, receive financial updates via laptop or 
Palm VII. 
09/29/2000 MicroStrategy launched online store. Try MicroStrategy 7 with 
full featured hands-on demo.
09/28/2000 LeaseLoan is speeding up the contract financing process using 
Web-based automated credit evaluation.
09/27/2000 Hyperion Performance Scorecard now features full 
Web-deployment and access to Hackett Benchmarking & Research database.
09/27/2000 NCR's Teradata database now supports Extensible Markup 
Language (XML), the Common Warehouse Model (CWM), and the Open 
Information Model (OIM).
09/26/2000 IBM's LotusDevelopment announced the public beta availability 
of LotusSametime 2.0, its real-time collaboration
09/25/2000 Sagent Technology announced the Sagent Portal, a second 
generation information portal that integrates a broad range of content 
and applications.
09/25/2000 Competing Data Warehousing standards merge. Meta Data 
Coalition will merge with Object Management Group.
09/25/2000 Net Perceptions introduced E-commerce analyst software.
09/22/2000 DM Review announced its 2000 Readership Awards.
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