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            July 2, 2006 -- Vol. 7, No. 14

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Report from IFIP WG 8.3 meeting in London

by Dan Power
Editor, DSS News

CIDMDS 2006, an International Conference on Creativity and Innovation
in Decision Making and Decision Support, sponsored by IFIP WG 8.3 is
now history. I arrived in London on Tuesday, June 27, 2006. The next
day I had lunch with the preconference participants and then
participated in an AIS SIG DSS workshop on DSS and Design Science
with David Paradice, Jerry Wagner, Jim Courtney and Peter Keenan. We
shared our experiences about designing and building decision support
systems. Following the workshop I attended the opening reception for
the conference at the BOX Consulting office in the LSE building
complex. The conference was designed to help us move out of our
personal "boxes" and it succeeded in a number of ways. Patrick
Humphreys, London School of Economics (LSE) was our host. Patrick
chairs the working group and he worked with Fredrick Adam, Univ. of
Ireland at Cork, to assemble a varied program with a focus on
creativity and innovation. Check .

The aim of IFIP working group 8.3 on Decision support systems is to
investigate the "development of approaches for applying information
systems technology to increase the effectiveness of decision-making
in situations where the computer system can support and enhance human
judgements in the performance of tasks that have elements which cannot
be specified in advance."

The keynote speakers at the conference were Rex Brown (George Mason
University), Osvaldo Garcia (Systems Design, Santiago de Chile) and
Babis Mainmelis (London Business School). Rex has had a major impact
on the practice of decision analysis and urged us to focus on
building DSS that are useful. Babis focuses on play as a tool for
creativity. Osvaldo shared his ideas on Clehes as a tool for self
management. He is an engaging, passionate guy who wants to help
managers get in touch with their body, language, emotions, history,
eros and silence.

There were more than 50 faculty and 20 student attendees presenting
50 papers. I attended as many sessions as I could with an emphasis on
innovative decision support tools that my colleagues are developing
and studying.

No conference report would be complete without a brief comment on the
social events and opportunities for making new DSS friends. The
conference dinner on Friday evening occurred while cruising on the
Thames riverboat Naticia. The food and wine was outstanding, the
conversation was good, the sightseeing marvelous (especially London
Bridge at night), and the dancing was lively. I'm usually not much of
a dancer, but I tried to keep up with David Paradice, Rex Brown and
Patrick Humphreys. It was a losing effort, but I did twist and shout
and enjoy the lights and sounds while dancing under the stars on the

Saturday morning was a bit slow starting for some of us but we put in
a full day with a business meeting in the late afternoon. I'm heading
back to Iowa Monday morning. 

Copies of the 2 conference volumes are available for 50 British
Pounds from . The next conference of the
working group will be held in Toulouse, France in July 2008. Pascale
Zarate is the conference chair. Her email is Thanks
to Liaquat Hossain, The University of Sydney for helping me get this
trip report ready for the newsletter.


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DSS Conferences 

1. DEXA 2006, 17th International Conference on Database 
and Expert Systems Applications, September 4-8, 
2006, Krakow, Poland. Check .

2. ICDSS 2007, 9th International Conference on DSS, Jan. 2-4, 2007, 
Calcutta, India. Theme: Decision Support for Global Enterprises.
Check . 


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What's New at DSSResources.COM

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DSS News Releases - June 16, 2006 to July 2, 2006
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06/28/2006 Mobius to showcase ABS for Spreadsheet Compliance solution
at the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group 2006. 

06/28/2006 Web-based data mining and agile reporting now possible
with AJAX technology. 

06/27/2006 Model N selects Cognos to provide advanced business
intelligence for industry leading revenue management solution. 

06/27/2006 TIBCO Software transforms process modeling and simulation
with new release of TIBCO Business Studio. 

06/26/2006 eMagic Trio enhances workflow for loan originators. 

06/26/2006 WebEx recognized as a leader in web conferencing by
independent research firm.

06/26/2006 Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Vista(TM) enables universal pen

06/26/2006 CyberShift completes SAS 70 Type II Audit. 

06/26/2006 SeeWhy Software debuts industry's first real-time,
event-driven business intelligence platform.

06/26/2006 Actuate 9 transforms business intelligence with the first
collaborative reporting architecture.

06/23/2006 Business Roundtable issues warning on lack of preparation
to recover the Internet following a catastrophic cyber disruption.

06/21/2006 PortBlue announces PracticeSense(TM), a comprehensive
interactive medical practice decision support system.

06/21/2006 Microsoft showcases modeling and trading platform of the

06/21/2006 PredictiveMetrics releases ScoreMiner(SM):a web-based
credit scoring and data mining application. 

06/20/2006 Hospital's outcomes report shows surgical results are
excellent compared to 'gold standard' data. 

06/20/2006 SSA Global introduces new business intelligence solution,
offering integrated reporting, analysis, monitoring and notification
capabilities in one product.

06/19/2006 Stottler Henke offers serious games competition
contestants free use of powerful game development tools.

06/19/2006 Business Objects launches activity based costing solution
for Healthcare.

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