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Call for papers: Journal of Decision Systems (JDS) special issue 
on “Decision Making in Web 2.0 and Social Media Environments”, 
due January 15, 2011, check

In this issue:

1) Are computerized decision aids decision support systems?

2) DSS Conferences

3) Recent DSS News Headlines

1) Are computerized decision aids decision support systems?

by Dan Power

In the scientific literature, one encounters research on computerized 
decision aids (cf., Arkes et al., 2007; Larson et al., 2005). Often 
this literature is relevant to DSS researchers. The term computerized 
decision aid refers to a very diverse set of computer-based support 
tools that use a variety of decision techniques. Some aids are complex 
and sophisticated and hence should be classified as decision support 
systems. Other computer tools termed computerized decision aids are 
simple and straightforward, for example, a web page with decision aiding 
information or a simple web-based checklist. These simple tools may be 
very useful, but they should not be classified as DSS. Researchers should 
examine the system complexity.

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2) DSS Conferences

1. BI Congress II sponsored by AIS SIG DSS, St Louis, MO,
Dec. 11 and 12, 2010, join academic professionals 
and industry representatives.

2. International Conference on Decision Support Systems
(ICDSS), June 2011, paper submission information coming soon.


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3) Recent DSS News Headlines

11/04/2010 MicroStrategy announces general availability of 
MicroStrategy 9 Release 3.

11/04/2010 Best Buy signs data warehouse expansion agreement 
with Teradata. 

11/04/2010 The Business Intelligence Market Outlook: Key drivers, 
market challenges and vendor strategies for future growth.

11/04/2010 Using Technology to Improve Credit Risk Oversight.

11/01/2010 Passing the torch to the cloud: NYU is going Google.

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