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In this issue:

1) What are common data mining mistakes?

2) DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

3) Recent DSS News Headlines

1) What are common data mining mistakes?

by Dan Power

Data mining is a broad term for identifying patterns in data, analyzing
data and summarizing it into useful information. These tasks are often
challenging. Although technology has made it easier to access large 
data sets and use various tools to analyze the data set, making sense of 
the data is difficult. Now almost any manager or staffer can conduct 
analyses that were previously conducted only by statisticians, market 
researchers and other data analysis professionals. The lack of expertise 
of many new users increases the likelihood of identifying false 
relationships and over generalizing from the data. What are common 

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2) DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

1. Call for papers: Journal of Decision Systems (JDS) special 
issue on “Decision Making in Web 2.0 and Social Media 
Environments”, due January 15, 2011. 

2. Call for papers: ICDSS 2011 - International Conference on 
DSS, June 6-7, 2011, Tilburg University, the Netherlands, due 
February 1, 2011. Check


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3) Recent DSS News Headlines

12/17/2010 IBM to collaborate with leading Singapore institutions 
using analytics to improve the quality of water, transportation 
and energy services in a city.

12/16/2010 Over 1,000 users sign up for Really Simple Systems 
free CRM.

12/16/2010 Guardian 24/7 offers remote high-touch health care 
via Glowpoint Video managed services. Check release.

12/15/2010 MySQL 5.5 now generally available. 

12/15/2010 Japan’s retail leaders Isetan and Mitsukoshi merge, 
consolidate information systems with Teradata Services. 

12/14/2010 US Army to field test iPhone and Android smartphones. 

12/14/2010 Teradata renews partnership with global retailer Walmart.

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