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         February 27, 2011 -- Vol. 12, No. 5

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In this issue:

1) Do DSS builders assume their targeted users are rational thinkers?

2) DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

3) Recent DSS News Headlines

1) Do DSS builders assume their targeted users are rational thinkers?

by Dan Power

Attitudes that we, as DSS builders, have toward potential users of 
a proposed DSS influences our design choices, but we also need to 
be realistic about the biases and limitations of our targeted users. 
Are our targeted users rational?

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2) DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

1. Call for papers: ICDSS 2011 - International Conference on 
DSS, June 6-7, 2011, Tilburg University, the Netherlands, due 
March 1, 2011. Check .

2. Call for papers: AMCIS Business Intelligence and Knowledge 
Management track in Detroit August 4-7, 2011, due February 28th.


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3) Recent DSS News Headlines

02/26/2011 Call for papers: Special issue of IJDSST on DMSS Development 
Methodologies: a Software Systems Engineering Approach, due May 31, 2011.

02/25/2011 Emanuel campaign relied on NationalField for real-time 

02/24/2011 Deutsche Postbank AG London Branch turns to IBM Smart Analytics 
for insights on credit risk. 

02/24/2011 Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse selected for 
Southern California Edison’s Smart Metering program.

02/23/2011 Call for Papers: International Journal of Business Intelligence 
Research (IJBIR). 

02/17/2011 IBM to collaborate with Nuance to apply IBM's 'Watson' analytics 
technology to healthcare. 

02/16/2011 University of Colorado Denver Business School expands use of 
MicroStrategy's Business Intelligence software.

02/16/2011 Aviva chooses Teradata for Pan European enterprise intelligence 

02/14/2011 Next big thing in data analytics: no more physical cubes.

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