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In this issue:

1) What is a cost estimation DSS?

2) Recent DSS News Headlines

1) What is a cost estimation DSS?

by Dan Power

Predicting costs for a project or task is often difficult. One approach 
is to use historical cost data. Another approach is to use data and 
quantitative models to adjust for changes in costs or cost uncertainty. 
Cost estimation models are most often algebraic models where an analyst 
or cost estimator can adjust parameters. Not many years ago, cost 
estimation was a vague, heuristic task, but data and model-driven DSS 
are now commonly used to improve the accuracy of the cost estimate or 

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2) Recent DSS News Headlines

03/11/2011 SAP and IBM test SAPĀ® in-memory appliance software 
and demonstrate incredible results.

03/10/2011 IBM launches Global bootcamps to help companies 
tackle big data challenges.

03/10/2011 Jaspersoft receives industry recognition for business 

03/07/2011 Carnegie Mellon and Singapore Management University 
to create the Living Analytics Research Center.

03/04/2011 IBM business analytics software helps BJC Healthcare 
and Washington University improve healthcare through better research.

03/03/2011 Teradata to acquire Aster Data.

03/01/2011 MicroStrategy announces performance and scalability 
test results across Linux and Windows platforms.

03/01/2011 Cities get smarter with IBM's location-based analytics.

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