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1) What decision support is needed for scheduling tasks?

2) Recent DSS News Headlines

3) Upcoming DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

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1) What decision support is needed for scheduling tasks?

by Dan Power

In many organizations, managing operations involves scheduling 
resources to perform tasks. Scheduling is the process of creating 
a plan to use scarce resources that involves creating a time-based 
schedule. Scheduling involving deciding what resources to commit 
to a task and when. For example, in a manufacturing job shop we 
need to schedule machines, in a hospital we need to schedule surgical 
operating rooms, and we often need to schedule people for jobs and 
tasks. In some situations, computerized support can assist in 
scheduling and in managing scheduling processes. Every scheduler 
and manager does not need the same decision support. What capabilities 
are needed?

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2) Recent DSS News Headlines

06/10/2011 IBM business analytics helps Papa Gino's grab a
 bigger slice of the pie.

06/08/2011 MicroStrategy to unveil innovative new technologies 
for big data, mobile intelligence, cloud intelligence, and 
social media at MicroStrategy World Monte Carlo.

06/07/2011 NetSuite expands cloud-based inventory management 
with new demand planning capabilities.

06/07/2011 Akamai to present real-time view of IPv6 traffic 
delivered across its global platform.

06/07/2011 LITEBI is looking for partners to extend its 
business intelligence offering.

06/06/2011 IBM applies analytics to city operations; helps 
build smarter cities.

06/01/2011 Microsoft previews "Windows 8".

06/01/2011 Microsoft publishes Borroughs Corporation case study.

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3) Upcoming DSS Conferences

1. Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management track at AMCIS 
sponsored by AIS SIG DSS, Detroit, MI, August 4-7, 2011.

2. 2011 DSI Annual Meeting November 19-22, 2011 at the Boston 
Marriott Copley Place in Boston, Massachusetts. 

3. Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence track at ICIS 2011, 
Shanghai, China December 4-7, 2011. 

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