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In this issue:

1) What are physical database design tradeoffs for decision 
   support data?

2) Recent DSS News Headlines

3) Upcoming DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

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1) What are physical database design tradeoffs for decision 
   support data?

by Dan Power

Implementing a decision support database involves tradeoffs. 
A designer needs to transform an ideal, logical data model 
into a model that exploits effectively the capabilities and 
constraints of the actual hardware computing environment and 
a specific database management system. The overall goal is 
designing the database component of a data-driven DSS to minimize 
query times. Efficient use of storage space is much less a concern. 
Tradeoffs involve reasonably safe design changes, more aggressive 
compromises and technical optimization changes (cf., Haughey, 2006). 
There is no single best physical design. DSS analysts must ask 
probing questions and understand the design tradeoffs.

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2) Recent DSS News Headlines

07/22/2011 Utility companies adopt Intergraph® InService 8.2 
as the solution for operations, control and dispatch. 

07/22/2011 Young Female Artist Uses Google+ to Connect With 
Fans All Over the World With a Live Virtual Concert.

07/22/2011 Made in IBM Labs: researchers demonstrate breakthrough
storage performance for big data applications.

07/21/2011 Teradata enhances managed services capabilities 
to support application development projects.

07/19/2011 The evolving uses of social media.

07/18/2011 New FlowWorks calculation engine delivers a 
higher order of flow data analysis.

07/18/2011 Microsoft Research releases details about 
"Daytona" at faculty summit.

07/15/2011 Smarter government via smarter technology: 
Teradata testimony at U.S. House Hearing urges rapid action. 

07/14/2011 Commerzbank runs SAP® Bank Analyzer for financial 

07/13/2011 Jaspersoft open source reporting now available for 
Eclipse developers.

07/13/2011 MicroStrategy and ParAccel to deliver analytical 
platform for social and cloud-based applications.

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3) Upcoming DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

1. Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management track at AMCIS 
sponsored by AIS SIG DSS, Detroit, MI, August 4-7, 2011.

2. 2011 DSI Annual Meeting November 19-22, 2011 at the Boston 
Marriott Copley Place in Boston, Massachusetts. 

3. Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence track at 
ICIS 2011, Shanghai, China December 4-7, 2011. 

4. Call for papers: DSS’2012 – 16th IFIP WG8.3 International 
Conference on Decision Support Systems, Anávissos, Greece, 
June 28-30 2012. 

5. Call for papers: European Journal of Information Systems, 
Special Issue on Transforming Decision-Making Processes: 
The Next IS Frontier, due February 1, 2012. 

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