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April 12, 2015             Vol. 16, No. 07

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1) What is a recommender system?
2) Recent Decision Support News Headlines
3) Upcoming Decision Support Conferences/Call for Papers

1) What is a recommender system?

by Daniel J. Power

A recommender system is a software tool that provides suggestions to a person for a defined domain or task. The recommendations may be personalized or general. Such systems have also been called suggestion models (Alter, 1980) or recommendation systems. Recommender systems implemented using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are a subcategory of Knowledge-driven DSS (Power, 2007). Also, a recommender system may be a specialized type of Information Retrieval (IR) system. Finally, some recommender systems are a type of information filtering system that seek to predict the 'rating' or 'preference' that a specific user would give to an item or object.

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2) Recent DSS News Headlines

04/09/2015 Premise Health selects Teradata for cloud-based data warehousing. Check release.

04/09/2015 A new era for purchasing cards compliance as CaseWare Analytics launches new version of monitoring solution. Check release.

3) Upcoming Decision Support Conferences/Call for Papers/Books

1. May 14-15, 2015 Midwest Association for Information Systems Conference, Pittsburg State University. Check the website Click here.

2. August 13-15, 2015 Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Puerto Rico. Check website Click here.


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