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EPM system?
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Ask Dan!
Are there success stories of implementing the PeopleSoft EPM system?
In Reply to: Successful stories of Implementing PeopleSoft EPM system 
posted by Melissa Chen on June 12, 2000
: Dr. Power,
: Could you point me to some of the success stories of implementing 
PeopleSoft EPM system? Thank you.
I have not had any direct experience with PeopleSoft EPM.
According to the website, PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 
(EPM) helps analyze business processes, profitability, and key 
performance measures throughout an organization. Find out more about 
PeopleSoft Performance Measurement at
American Century Investments was one of the first Enterprise Performance 
Management beta sites. The initial product included "PeopleSoft 
Activity-Based Management, an analytic application designed to augment 
ABC principles with non-financial performance measures, so it 
complemented the company's ABC efforts." 
According to the website, as the Enterprise Performance Management 
system is more widely implemented, American Century expects to see even 
greater insights. "We're looking for strategic breakthroughs and new 
thoughts about how to look at our data," says Bob Jackson, American 
Century  Chief Financial Officer. "We think Enterprise Performance 
Management will allow us to get these insights. It'll allow us to play 
with the data, to test different things, to look at relationships that 
maybe we haven't had time to do or the power to."
As we all know vendor case studies present the best case implementation.
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EPM, please post your experiences to the DSSResources.COM bulletin 
DSS News Stories
06/20/2000 AMCIS 2000 advance program is available in the Programs 
Section of the conference website,  
Conference is August 10-13, 2000, in Long Beach, CA. Ten Tutorials and 
Workshops are scheduled on Thursday starting from 1:00 PM.
06/17/2000 Business Week identified Cognos® as one of the world’s Top 
100 Information Technology companies. Cognos® ranked 76, behind 
Microsoft Corporation at 75, and was the only business intelligence 
software provider in the Top 100. Check
06/15/2000 Object Management Group (OMG) extends its support for 
distributed metadata standards by publishing a Common
Warehouse Metamodel (CWM) Specification. Check press release. 
06/15/2000 DM Review announced the winners of the 2000 World Class 
Solution Awards for Business Intelligence. Check press
06/15/2000 Jeusfeld, M. A., H. Shu, M. Staudt, and G. Vossen, "Design 
and Management of Data Warehouses", Proceedings of the 2nd International 
Workshop DMDW'2000, Stockholm, Sweden, June 5-6, 2000 are available on 
the Web. CEUR-WS/Vol-28, 12 articles in PDF format. 
06/14/2000 QueryObject Systems announced beta testing program. Their 
Distributed Replication Server permits on-demand streaming of data over 
the Internet to Business Intelligence tools. Check 
06/14/2000 Call for Chapters for Data Mining: A Heuristic Approach, Idea 
Group Publishing. Abstract Submission due August 15,
2000. For more information, see call from H. A. Abbass. 
06/13/2000 Brio Technology awarded $1 Million to Columbia University 
Graduate School of Business for Analysis and Expansion
of Revenue Performance Optimization Business Methodology. Check 
06/12/2000 Oracle Corp. announced that as part of the Oracle Academic 
Initiative Applications Pilot Program it has granted $60
million worth of software licenses and support services to 17 
educational institutions across the U.S.. California State University,
Los Angeles is one of the first recipients of the grant and will receive 
software and services valued at more than $11 million. 
06/12/2000 Sagent Technology introduced Sagent Solution version 4.2. It 
delivers improved customization of Web applications,
support for ASPs and multinational deployment for global corporations. 
See Press Release.
06/12/2000 SAS Institute's Strategic Vision(tm) Software was certified 
by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. Strategic Vision
tracks success indicators associated with strategic goals. See Press 
06/08/2000 Fair, Isaac and Company ( made public a 
comprehensive list of the factors used in its FICO®
credit bureau risk scores. It is also developing a Web-based service 
that will explain FICO scores. Read Press Release. 
06/07/2000 The University of North Carolina received a $3 million grant 
from SAS Institute. UNC President Molly Broad
announced that the 16-campus university system received the five-year 
grant that will give students, faculty and administrators use
of SAS software and services. 
06/06/2000 SPSS makes equity investment in e.Intelligence, Inc. SPSS 
Inc. boosted its presence in Web-based predictive business
intelligence with an equity investment in privately-held e.Intelligence, 
Inc. The $1 million investment represents the second infusion of equity 
capital into e.Intelligence since an initial investment made by JMI 
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