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              December 16, 2001 -- Vol. 2, No. 26
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* Ask Dan! - What happened at DSSResources.COM in 2001?
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Ask Dan!

What happened at DSSResources.COM in 2001?

"It's NOT easy to make money with your computer at home!" I got this 
message in an email shortly after receiving a question about "how are 
you doing" with DSSResources.COM. So this is a status report.

During the past year, many things have changed at DSSResources.COM.  An 
important change has been moving from an advertising-based business 
model to primarily a subscriber-based business model.  On March 20, 2001 
we created a Subscriber Zone and outsourced processing of transactions 
for subscriptions to Verotel.  Some of the content at DSSResources.COM 
has been slowly migrated to the Subscriber Zone.  Our approach is to 
maintain useful "free content" and provide exceptional premium content 
to subscribers.  We have made this transition gradually and our plan is 
to move more content into the Subscriber Zone in the first quarter of 
2002 and to add additional premium content.  We also hope to begin 
marketing DSSResources.COM and to create more partnerships with DSS 
researchers. The number of subscribers has been increasing each month 
and we had more subscriptions in November than in any prior month.  
Subscriptions are slowing in December, but we hope to see a rebound in 
January 2002.

The results of this change to a subscriber model have been generally 
positive.  Traffic at DSSResources.COM has been increasing throughout 
2001.  The number of subscribers to DSS News has nearly doubled from 
about 400 for the January 2, 2001 newsletter to 740 for this newsletter. 
 The outsourcing of distribution of DSS News to Topica has been 
generally satisfactory, but the ad revenues are insignificant.  The list 
management is easy, and we plan to continue that relationship.  Our 
advertising agency, Burst! Media, served DSSResources.COM approximately 
800,000 ads in 2001.  However, only 230,000 of these were paid ads, the 
others were public service ads or ads for DSSResources.COM. The revenues 
increased in October and November, but the CPM payout is meager.

We contracted with Verio for another year of web hosting.  Their 
reliability has been good and their server has been able to handle the 
traffic.  Verio statistics provide us with a good view of our visitors.  
The statistics indicate that over the past three and a half months, we 
have served nearly half a million pages to almost 30,000 distinct IP 

The DSS Career Center is off to a slow start.  We entered into a 
partnership with TechEngine on July 23, 2001. The number of new jobs 
related to DSS is not what it was a year ago, but we encourage DSS News 
readers to visit the DSS Career Center and to recommend it to their 
friends.  The DSS Book Store affiliated with Barnes and 
receives about 150 page views per month, but the number of books 
purchased is not meeting expectations and we keep the page as a service 
to the DSS community.

In 2001, 26 issues of DSS News were emailed and posted at 
DSSResources.COM.  The issues contained DSS Wisdom, Ask Dan! and more 
than 300 news headlines. The Ask Dan! topics included concepts like 
analytical software, business intelligence, knowledge management and 
document-driven DSS.  The most controversial columns focused on business 
intelligence.  Some new features at DSSResources.COM this year include 
the For Developers and For Researchers pages, featured cases and 
contributed articles, the Document-Driven DSS page, and the DSS Roulette 
page. DSSResources.COM promoted the AMCIS 2001 DSS Minitrack and the 
IFIP WG 8.3 conference scheduled for Cork, Ireland in July 2002. 

Well from a personal perspective, I'm hoping that with some site 
redesign, group course subscriptions and the publication of my DSS book 
that subscriptions will increase. DSSResources.COM should have its first 
group subscription for Spring 2002.  DSSResources.COM has been getting 
many one time subscribers and I'm hoping that too will change. On-going 
subscriptions can provide a much better revenue stream. DSSResources.COM 
is currently offering free two month subscriptions to faculty who are 
considering adopting the site for class use. Faculty that have students 
subscribe receive an annual subscription. DSS research labs can also 
partner with DSSResources.COM and receive a commission on each 
subscription transaction they refer to DSSResources.COM from their Web 

So what's the bottom line? Running this site is fun and it fits well 
with my DSS research interests.  My son and I have learned a lot about 
eCommerce and eBusiness first hand. The expenses are modest, but so are 
the revenues.

Many thanks to the following vendors who provided permission to post 
cases and articles at DSSResources.COM in 2001: Alphablox, Inc., 
arcplan, Artemis Intl., Brio, Inc., Business Objects, Inc., Comshare, 
Inc., DataBeacon, Inc., Decisioneering, Inc., Dimensional Insight, Inc., 
Expert Choice, Inc., Facet Decision Making, Microstrategy, Inc., Nucleus 
Research, and Palisade Corp.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Dan, Alex, Ben, Greg, and Carol Power


What's New at DSSResources.COM

12/14/2001 Posted case by Wasyluk, O. John, and Daniel Saaty, 
"Developing a Portfolio Approach to Capital Investment: A Case Study in 
Re-Engineering Resource Allocation at the U.S. Department of Veteran's 
Affairs", Expert Choice, Inc., 2001, URL DSSResources.COM/cases/dva.htm.

12/07/2001 Added translation capability from to page 


DSS News Stories: November 28 to December 13

12/13/2001 Informatica Analytics delivery platform wins first place at 
Giga's Emerging Technology Conference.

12/10/2001 United Airlines standardizes on Brio Software to address its 
BI needs.

12/10/2001 SAS releases new versions of seven SAS® solutions.

12/06/2001 Retail sector selecting MicroStrategy’s BI software as 

12/06/2001 Prediction Dynamics launched beta test of Crucible, a 
financial time-series modeling application.

12/05/2001 ABC Technologies signs multi-million dollar strategic OEM 
agreement with ProClarity corporation.

12/03/2001 Weiser Lock implements ProClarity BI solution to unlock 
savings and reduce reporting burden.

12/03/2001 Citrix teams with Business Objects to help Citrix Portal 
Software customers access, analyze and profit from their data.

11/29/2001 An independent survey shows MicroStrategy’s customers are the 
most loyal.

11/28/2001 Sun Microsystems and Sybase set reference architecture for 
25-plus terabyte, high performance, low TCO data warehouses.


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