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Submission deadline March 15, 2002, for AMCIS 2002, including DSS 
mini-track, in Dallas August 9-11, 2002. Check

New DSI deadlines: Refereed papers - March 10, Abstracts - March 30, for 
electronic submissions to Decision Sciences Institute meeting San Diego, 
Nov. 23-26, 2002. 

Prof. Frada Burstein (email seeks a 
few more presentation abstracts for a Symposium on Intelligent Decision 
Support in Urban and Civil Engineering Nov. 6-9, 2002 in London. 
Deadline for abstracts is March 11, 2002.


DSS Wisdom

Peter Keen and Michael Scott Morton argued in 1978, "A DSS is more a 
service than a product.  Since the problem can only partially be 
structured, and since managers grow in their understanding and needs 
over time, a DSS must constantly grow and evolve as the user adapts and 
learns. This is its very nature and implies much for the construction of 
such a system, the kind of software used, and, more importantly, the way 
it is implemented and maintained in the organization itself" (pp. 

Keen, Peter G. W., and Michael S. Scott Morton.  Decision Support 
Systems: An Organizational Perspective.  Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley 
Publishing Company, 1978.


Ask Dan!

What is SIG DSS?

SIG DSS is the Special Interest Group about Decision Support and 
Analytical Information Systems affiliated with the Association for 
Information Systems (AIS). AIS is the "premier global organization for 
academics specializing in Information Systems".  On January 26, 2001, 
AIS members were invited to propose Special Interest Groups. SIG DSS was 
approved by AIS Council in mid-December 2001 after some revisions to the 
initial proposal. It is one of nine AIS SIGs.

SIG DSS is a forum for AIS members to discuss, develop, and promote 
issues, ideas and research related to using Information Technologies to 
support decision-makers and improve decision processes in businesses and 
organizations. Seven AIS members, S. Alter, J. Courtney, D. Power, R. 
Sharda, V. Sugumaran, M. Turoff, and H. Watson, joined in submitting the 
revised proposal for SIG DSS. The abbreviated name SIG DSS provides a 
shortened label that is easy to recognize and is meaningful in terms of 
the domain of the SIG. The proposal notes the "SIG tries to build on 
established concepts and recognize the evolving nature of this research 

Some topics covered by SIG DSS include: Communications-Driven and Group 
DSS, Knowledge-Driven DSS and Management Expert System Applications; 
Data-Driven DSS, including Data Modeling and Database Design for Data 
Warehouses; OLAP and Executive Information Systems; Document-Driven DSS; 
Model-Driven DSS including quantitative model formulation and model 
management; Design and Development of Decision Support and Analytical 
Information Systems; Decision Support Technologies including software 
and hardware; Decision Support and Analytical IS Applications; and 
Decision Support user interface design, standards, and features.

SIG DSS is planning to host an initial reception for members and a 
business meeting at AMCIS 2002 in Dallas. The SIG Officers and Board 
will develop by-laws in 2002 and provide some initial services to 
members.  For example, the ISWorld pages on Decision Support Systems 
will be maintained as a SIG DSS Electronic Resource. SIG DSS will try to 
facilitate discussions of interest to the membership using a threaded 
message board. Also, SIG DSS may sponsor a Decision Support Technology 
Trade Fair and Virtual Conference in 2002.

Daniel Power, University of Northern Iowa and DSSResources.COM, is Chair 
of SIG DSS. Ramesh Sharda, Oklahoma State University, is 
Secretary/Treasurer and Vijay Sugamaran, Oakland University, is the 
Resource Coordinator.  Other Board members include: Steven Alter, 
University of San Francisco; James Courtney, University of Central 
Florida; Murray Turoff, New Jersey Institute of Technology; and Hugh 
Watson, University of Georgia. A plan for election of Officers and Board 
Members will be part of the by-laws discussed at the SIG DSS business 
meeting in Dallas in August 2002. 

The AIS SIG page is at URL 
Registration for AIS SIGs is now in progress at 
Currently, the annual dues for SIG DSS are USD $10 for AIS members (dues 
are prorated this year). To become a Charter member of SIG DSS you'll 
need to be a member of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) AND 
you'll need your member number. If you've lost your AIS membership card 
or want to join AIS, contact James Kizer . 
For more information about SIG DSS or to volunteer, contact Dan Power 
( or 
Ramesh Sharda (

Many thanks to Dennis F. Galletta, Associate Professor of Business 
Administration, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of 
Pittsburgh, for his hard work in promoting and encouraging development 
of AIS SIGs.


Spreadsheet DSS Tip - Keep an unprotected backup of Spreadsheet DSS

A protected Spreadsheet DSS can only be modified by using a password to 
unprotect it. If the password is lost, the developer will need to return 
to an earlier, unprotected version of the DSS. 


What's New at DSSResources.COM

02/28/2002 Posted version 2.0 of Power, D. A Brief History of Decision 
Support Systems.

02/21/2002 Major update of Ask Dan! page. Added 15 Ask Dan! 
questions/answers from the June 03, 2001 to the February 17, 2002 issues 
of DSS News. All of the answers are in the subscriber zone.


DSS News Stories - February 18 to March 1, 2002

03/01/2002 Acturis selects MicroStrategy’s Business Intelligence 
software for customer service in general insurance industry.

02/26/2002 Intel XScale technology improves network processing and 

02/26/2002 infoUSA launches internet-based "Customer Analyzer & Prospect 

02/25/2002 IBM creates semiconductor circuit operating at speeds of more 
than 110 GigaHertz (GHz).

02/21/2002 e-peopleserve selects Cognos for Business Intelligence 

02/20/2002 Ascential Software's DataStage XE sets data integration 

02/19/2002 Hewitt offers new tools to help employers identify HR costs. 

02/18/2002 Unisys and SAS demonstrate new levels of scalability on 
Windows Datacenter Server.

02/18/2002 IDELIX announced partnership with GeoConnections to integrate 
PDT within an Internet Client.


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