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May 24, 2020 Vol. 21, No. 11

Inaugural newsletter issue was May 10, 2000, this is issue 521.

In this issue

1) Why is ethical behavior especially important for IT professionals?
2) Recent Decision Support News Headlines
3) Upcoming Decision Support Conferences/Call for Papers

1) Why is ethical behavior especially important for IT professionals?

by Daniel J. Power and Ciara Heavin

Information technology (IT) professionals are the enablers and "gatekeepers" of our digital society. As the gatekeepers, they control access and may refuse, limit, or delay access to valued information services. The information technology they operate helps people do many things. Overall, IT has a major impact on the quality of our lives. Businesses, governments, and organizations are highly dependent upon information technologies for many aspects of their operation. Ethical behavior of information technology professionals is especially important in terms of how they design, build, use, and implement information technologies. IT is indispensable and pervasive.

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2) Recent Decision Support Headlines

05/19/2020 Doctor Evidence's newly released DOC Analytics(TM) performs rapid network meta-analyses to generate real-time insights using natural language processing. Check release.

05/18/2020 GreyCampus collaborates with IBM to launch Certificate Programs in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Check release.

3) Upcoming Decision Support Conferences

1. IFIP WG8.3 Decision Support 2020 in Wroclaw, Poland, June 24-26, 2020 will take place via the ICT system. Check website.

2. AMCIS 2020 SIGDSA, August 12-16, 2020, Salt Lake City, Utah is Going Virtual! Check the website.

3. Call for articles Journal of Business Analytics, an official journal of the Operational Research Society. The journal serves the emerging and rapidly growing community of business analytics both in academia and industry. Check


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New book: Power, D. and C. Heavin, Data-Based Decision Making And Digital Transformation, Business Expert Press, 2018 at URL Click here. EBook Price $19.95, Print Price $34.95, In Stock June 10, 2018.

Power & Heavin (2018) argue "Digital disruption is accelerating. Implementing a successful digital transformation strategy requires that senior managers make trade-off decisions to reinvent a business. Equally important all decision makers must learn to ask the right questions, use data and computer support in decision making, and increase their knowledge and skills. Creating a data-centric culture and rewarding data-based decision making leads to successful digital transformation."


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