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DSS Wisdom

Keen and Wagner (1982) argued "For DP, MIS, OR/MS, and related analytic 
disciplines, the urgent need is to bridge the gap between their 
specialized world and the manager's. Decision support exploits existing 
computer technology to meet the needs of decision-makers 
(p. 341)."

from Keen, P. G. W. and G. R. Wagner, "DSS: An Executive Mind-Support 
System", In House, W. C. (editor). Decision Support Systems: A 
Data-Based, Model-Oriented, User-Developed Discipline. New York: 
Petrocelli Books, 1983 pp. 325--341 (reprinted from Datamation). 


Report from Advanced Decision Support Workshop at UNO
by Dan Power

Prof. Gerald R. (Jerry) Wagner organized and hosted a workshop on 
Advanced Decision Support at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Oct. 
17-19, 2002. Jerry is creating an Advanced Decision Support Research 
group based at the Peter Kiewit Institute at UNO. Some readers probably 
recall Jerry as a faculty member at UT-Austin and as founder and CEO of 
Execucom Systems. 

About 30 DSS researchers and practioners met to discuss the "hot DSS 
topics" and Jerry's vision for a research group called the International 
Academy for Advanced Decision Support ( 
The purpose was to set a DSS research agenda for the upcoming year.

Peter Keen ( led off the workshop at 8 am 
Thursday with a presentation titled "Decisions that Matter". Peter 
argued visualization is the linking theme for DSS, "If you can’t see it, 
you can’t get it". He argued we need more "recipes" for different types 
of decision support. Also, Peter noted DSS has "lost momentum in the era 
of PCs, networks and the Internet" because Information Technology staff 
and executives don't seem to understand the potential of "new 
generation" DSS. Peter's slides and those of other presenters should be 
at the IAADS website by the end of November.

After a panel discussion, Henk Sol, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, 
Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology, discussed 
decision support for e-governance. After lunch we discussed military DSS 
challenges with Brigadier General Emile P. Bataille, Director, Command, 
Control, Communications and Computer Systems at USSTRATCOM.  Following 
that discussion Prof. Alexander Verbraeck of Delft moved the focus 
toward new technologies and especially his research on visual 
simulation. Terry Priebe and Asim Roy continued that focus. After some 
socializing at about 6:15 pm Peter Keen spoke about the new generation 
of DSS developer.  Some students from UNO joined us for that lively 
discussion. So after almost 12 stimulating hours of DSS talk, I headed 
back to the motel where we were all staying.

The Friday session started at 8 am and Mike Goul from ASU and I rode 
over to the workshop with Dr. Kim Wheatley, Chairman of Option 
Technologies Interactive ( Friday 
broadened our horizons with a presentation by George Legrandy, Professor 
of Media Arts from UC Santa Barbara, and a presentation by David Zeltzer 
on "Decision Centered Visualization".  David is with the Fraunhofer 
Institute. Various visualization technologies provided a major theme for 
the workshop.

Friday afternoon the software package Flash MX was center stage with a 
tag team demonstration by Michelangelo Capraro and Duncan McAlester, the 
co-authors of a technical book titled Skip Intro. Both are techies and 
user interface designers in the "mello" California style. Next, Prof. 
Christer Carlsson from Finland brought document decision support and 
mobile phones into our discussions. The panels after each presentation 
kept the sessions lively. By 3 pm, Dr. David King, CTO of Comshare, 
brought us back to the current reality of web-based performance 
management software.  The interplay between academics, developers, 
practioners, new and estabished technologies created an interesting 
dialectic. Prof. Bruce Avolio from UNL made the last presentation.  I 
hadn't met Bruce, but he did an admirable job of tying together a number 
of technology, leadership and decision making issues. Bruce has done 
work on GDSS and leadership and he brought his behavioral perspective 
into the final session.  After some discussion, we adjourned for a 
social hour and then about 10 of us had an excellent dinner at Sprigs 

Jerry let us sleep later on Saturday.  We started at about 9 am and 
discussed a wide array of research topics and action items. The 
prospects related to mobile decision support in hospital settings and 
DSS to help with bioterorism were especially interesting. Well I haven't 
mentioned all of the attendees, topics or activities, but it was a great 
group and a great workshop. Ilze Zigurs of UNO organized the panel 
discussions and we all had our say.  Thanks Jerry and sponsors UNO, 
Union Pacific, ConAgra, Booz Allen and Hamilton, and SAIC. Jerry plans 
to expand IAADS activities, put more resources at the website, join AIS 
SIG DSS and work with a variety of companies on DSS projects.  

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What's New at DSSResources.COM

10/22/2002 Posted version 2.5 of Power, D.J. A Brief History 
of Decision Support Systems. DSSResources.COM, URL 

10/16/2002 Posted case by Silicon Graphics Staff, "Product 
development decision support at Lockheed Martin", 2002, 


Get information about Dan Power's book, Decision Support 
Systems: Concepts and Resources for Managers, at .


DSS News Releases - October 14 to October 25, 2002

Complete news releases can be found at DSSResources.COM.

10/25/2002 Cata web conferencing demonstrates the benefits of its
solution at TechLearn 2002.

10/24/2002 SAS extends commitment to customers to offer open,
standards-based technology; alliance with Sun Microsystems yields
technology advances, lower TCO and higher ROI.

10/24/2002 Oracle(R) helps companies maximize supply chain efficiency 
with new advanced capabilities. 

10/24/2002 SAUBER PETRONAS, the Swiss Formula 1 team, upgrades to an 
SGI® Onyx® 3800 for improved visual simulations.

10/23/2002 Cognos(R) Visualizer wins Intelligent Enterprise best data 
visualization solution for second year.

10/23/2002 Business Objects again rated number one in business 
intelligence by Intelligent Enterprise readers.

10/23/2002 Connecticut's Department of Children & Families implements 
Softscape's Web-Based Juvenile Case Management Information System. 

10/22/2002 MeetingPlace available as standalone web conferencing 

10/22/2002 Infonet and Polycom announce delivery of global IP video 

10/22/2002 Survey prescribes PDAs for pharmaceutical field reps; Results 
demonstrate that handheld access to corporate systems improves return on 
CRM investment and increases sales productivity. 

10/21/2002 London Stock Exchange implements Teradata Active Data 
Warehouse to provide real-time market intelligence services and exploit 
historical data.

10/21/2002 New Fair, Isaac Business Science suite delivers complete set 
of decision management software tools.

10/21/2002 Washington, DC chooses OPTIMUS Corp. to implement new mobile 
ambulatory reporting system.

10/21/2002 Reminder: Two weeks remaining to submit presentation 
proposals for GeoSpatial World 2003.

10/21/2002 Advanced analytical software aids law enforcement.

10/21/2002 Adobe unveils new document server for dynamically generating 
Adobe PDF files.

10/21/2002 WebPutty Application Platform version 6 simplifies and 
accelerates development of web-based corporate applications.

10/19/2002 Reminder: INFORMS Computing Society Conference, Phoenix, AZ, 
Jan. 8-10, 2003.

10/18/2002 Documentum achieves highest ranking in Strategic Information 
Technology Investment study.

10/17/2002 40 top retailers learn how analytics can improve supply chain 

10/16/2002 IntelliWhere launches mobile workforce starter kit to 
accelerate data automation for field crews.

10/16/2002 Microsoft and Comshare(R) extend 'Power of Two' to deliver 
complete CPM solutions to the UK.

10/16/2002 Rapiscan announces $2.2 million order for advanced cargo 
pallet screening system for an Asian location. 

10/16/2002 ChoicePoint(R) acquiring Resident Data(R), expands presence 
in tenant screening field.

10/15/2002 Business Objects awards customers for excellence in Business 

10/15/2002 Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner LLP licenses 
RainMaker's business intelligence suite.

10/15/2002 Clinical tool helps reduce medication errors associated with 
herbal remedies. 

10/15/2002 NTT America markets value-added IP-VPN service to provide 
secure extranet capabilities for Multinational Corporations. 

10/14/2002 Hyperion enables ChartOne to move from spreadsheet management 
to customer management.

10/14/2002 Verity CTO to address World Knowledge Forum. 

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