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            January 5, 2003 -- Vol. 4, No. 1
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Ask Dan!
by Daniel J. Power

Where can I find or download a DSS demo? What vendors have decision 
support demonstration software?

Requests for information about DSS demos is a frequent query to Ask Dan. 
 The answer changes however depending upon what vendors are doing at 
their web sites and with their products. Recently, Peter Keenan posted a 
request on ISWorld for information on DSS demos, Hector Diaz wrote 
"Where can I download a DSS demo?" and Bassem Farouk wrote "where can I 
download a free trial for GDSS software?" So I'll try to provide a 
starting point in this response. Some vendors will be missed in this 
response and they should contact me with details of their free demos 
and/or downloads. Readers may also want to check the DSS Vendor Pages at .

Buyer Beware! If you are considering downloading demonstration software, 
keep in mind that the software may use significant resources on your 
computer. Also, the size of some demos often results in slow downloads. 
Demonstration software downloads have limitations and restrictions so 
read the materials at the web site providing the software carefully. You 
will usually need to complete an on-line request form and you may need 
to speak with a sales representative.

A biased sampling.  It is hard to find good demonstration downloads 
related to building data-driven DSS.  A number of vendors do however 
showcase web-based demonstrations of DSS built using their software. The 
following list includes downloads for some development tasks like ETL 
and some web-based demonstrations of data-driven DSS. Downloads of 
single user development tools for building knowledge-driven and 
model-driven DSS are much easier to find.  Finding demos for 
communications-driven and Group DSS is also a problem because by design 
such software is a multi-user, server based application. The only GDSS 
demo download that I've found is at I haven't tried 
downloading the 8-participant license of Meetingworks for Windows, but 
I'm sure the company hopes you'll try it and then upgrade to 
Meetingworks Connect and Meetingworks InternetEdition. Also, please note 
I have not tried most of the demonstration downloads listed below ... so 
send me feedback if you try any of them ... In general, I think 
Microsoft Excel is the best introductory development environment for 
learning about building both data-driven and model-driven DSS.

Check the following vendors for decision support related demos:

1. Actuate Software Corporation - Actuate Reporting System and 
e.Spreadsheet Designer Demo,

2. Advanced Software Applications - ModelMAX Plus is a modeling, 
scoring, and profiling analytical tool,

3. arcplan, Inc. - dynaSight, there are several web demos available 
showing the utilization of dynaSight in different computing 

4. ArcView MapObjects 2.1, download a 90-day evaluation version at

5. Attar Software - XpertRule Knowledge Builder,, and XpertRule Miner,

6. Bayesia S.A. - BayesiaLab,

7. Business Objects - WebIntelligence, a query, reporting, and online 
analytical processing tool, an online demo,

8. Brio.Enterprise and Brio.Report self-running demonstrations at

9. Business Forecasting Systems, Inc. - Forecast Pro,

10. Cygron Pte. Ltd. - DataScope, a data mining and decision support 

11. Databeacon Inc. - Databeacon 5.3, online demo and download an 
evaluation version,

12. Decisioneering - Crystal Ball 2000 simulation software demo, an 
Excel add-in,

13. Decision Systems, Inc. - decisionport,

14. DIMENSION 5 - miner3D.excel,

15. Enterprise Solutions, Inc. - MeetingWorks at 
(FREE 8 participant copy of MeetingWorks GDSS).

16. Entopia, Inc. - Quantum Suite,

17. Expert Choice at (free EC2000 trial version).

18. Insightful Corporation - Demos include Insightful Miner, a data 
mining workbench, and example web applications,

19. Infoharvest - Criterium Decision Plus (an AHP implementation) at (free student version of CDP 3.0).

20. KMtechnologies - work2gether, electronic repository for company 
documents and ideas, web-based flash demo only works in Internet 

21. Logic Technologies - BestChoice3 at

22. Lumina - ANALYTICA 2.0 from, try it free for 30 days.

23. Megaputer Intelligence, Inc - PolyAnalyst Pro, suite of data mining 
algorithms, and TextAnalyst,

24. Palisade Corp. - DecisionTools Suite, @RISK, PrecisionTree, TopRank, 
BestFit and RISKview,

25. Pilot Software at has a walkthrough online of its 
Balanced Scorecard system.

26. Treeage - DATA 4.0 trial download at

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What's New at DSSResources.COM

01/04/2003 Updated Spreadsheet-based DSS page, includes new development 

01/02/2003 Rotated Guestbook, What's New, and did other changes 
associated with a new year. For Old What's New, see the 2002 What's New 
page, 2001 What's New page, 2000 What's New page, or the 1996-1999 
What's New page.

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DSS News Releases - December 23, 2002 to January 03, 2003

01/02/2003 Aberdeen Group announces top predictions for 2003 IT trends; 
global technology spending will grow, bright spots include enterprise 
Linux, business integration, and WiFi.

01/01/2003 CIO spending plans remain on track -- seventy percent to 
spend on new initiatives in 2003.

12/31/2002 University of Washington Academic Medical Center deploys 
Carefx's Fusion Context Manager.

12/26/2002 Timeline receives Israel patent on data mart generation 

12/24/2002 Archi-Tech Systems Inc. has extended its DART Product Suite 
to include a decision support tool for DDD or source non-retail data.

12/23/2002 Documentum 5 wins product of the year from Transform 

12/23/2002 Increased expertise management software adoption expected in 
2003; Kamoon fueling market growth.

12/23/2002 IDC Predicts 2003 will be a good year for Linux, Wireless 
LANs, and Messaging, but not for Itanium or IT services.


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