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* Report from DSS Workshop and ICIS 2003
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Report from DSS Workshop and ICIS 2003
by Dan Power
Editor, DSS News and DSSResources.COM

The Association for Information Systems International Conference on 
Information Systems (ICIS) was held December 15-17, 2003 in Seattle. 
ICIS is truly a global conference with IS researchers attending from 
around the world.  It is a major venue for sharing ideas and research 
about Information Systems including DSS. My primary purpose in attending 
was to participate in the pre-ICIS workshop of AIS SIG DSS. Part of the 
purpose of DSS News is to provide an interface between Information 
Systems academics and practioners so I'll provide an overview of the SIG 
DSS workshop and some ICIS highlights.

Saturday night I attended the e-Business WEB 2003 dinner with Tung Bui 
(U Hawaii) and Minder Chen (George Mason).  Even though I was a "last 
minute guest" the hospitality was great. I enjoyed a Japanese buffet, 
good conversation and e-commaraderie with Tung, Minder, Mike Shaw (U 
Illinois-UC), Kenny Cheng (UF), Leon Zhao (U Arizonia) and the SIGeBiz 

Sunday morning I was up early for the SIG DSS workshop "Research 
Directions for Decision Support". David Schuff (Temple U) did a great 
job organizing the workshop. 

The workshop included 6 regular paper presentations, two poster 
presentations, and three invited papers. In the morning sessions, Mariam 
Zahedi (UW-Milwaukee) explained a study investigating how perceptual 
factors impact use of a data-driven Spatial DSS. Souren Paul 
(SIU-Carbondale) reported a study on procedural fairness issues in 
GDSS-enabled teams. Sameh Sabet (Tyco Telecommunications) and Robb 
Klashner (NJIT) reported on design and development of a knowledge-driven 
DSS for Telecom managers. Changing directions, David Mendonça (NJIT) 
examined design of DSS for "improvisation" in crisis situations.

During lunch, Jim Courtney (UCF) led a panel discussion.  George Marakas 
(IU) joined us briefly and contributed his views.  David Paradice 
(Florida State) also provided his perspectives on DSS research. The 
workshop audience included a star cast with Tung Bui (U Hawaii), George 
Widmeyer (U Michigan), Vicki Sauter (UMSL), George Kasper (VCU), Al 
Schwarzkopf (U Oklahoma), Mike Goul and Karen Dowling (ASU) 
participating in the discussion. I probably should list all of the 
attendees ... it was a great group (check

Following lunch, I presented the Model-Driven DSS research needs and 
directions paper (co-authored with Ramesh Sharda, OSU). A data 
warehousing DSS research perspective was then presented by Sal March 
(Vanderbilt U) and Al Hevner (USF). Then Ajay Vinze (ASU) discussed 
emerging frontiers for knowledge management.

In the final paper session, Dursun Delen (OSU) presented research aimed 
at developing an intelligent DSS for manufacturing systems managers. 
Then YongSeog Kim (Utah State) discussed optimal auction infrastructure 
design. In poster presentations, Minder Chen (GMU) explained research on 
TeamSpirit and Saeed Zolfaghari (Ryerson) on enhancing multi criteria 
decision making. 

We finished the SIG DSS workshop at 4pm and I dashed to a Communications 
of AIS editors meeting.  The various working groups for publications, 
planning future meetings and governance meet at ICIS. The opening 
reception for ICIS was Sunday evening at the Experience Music Project.  
Good conversation, meeting old friends, music, food and drink was the 
agenda.  Vijay Sugumaran, Mikhail Lugachyov (Moscow State U, Russia) and 
I experienced the opening ICIS event together.  Mikhail set the travel 
distance record for the SIG DSS workshop. 

The ICIS theme was "IT is Everywhere: Impacts on Life, Work and 
Learning". IT was everywhere at the meeting even though the wireless 
network was not working very reliably in the hotel. Monday at 8am the 
plenary speaker was Jeff Raikes of Microsoft.  Tuesday morning at 8am 
Scott Carson of Boeing was the featured speaker. Scott described 
Boeing's vision of wireless IT in the sky and the Boeing Connexion 

Overall there were more than 150 papers in 48 sessions at ICIS.  
Researchers examined a diverse array of topics.  This research is 
helping us understand what IS/T works, when and why. 

Monday night I partied with friends from the University of Arizona and 
from Arizona State. Mohan Tanniru, IS Department Head at Arizona, hosted 
a great reception initiating the celebration of 30 years of Information 
Systems research at the University of Arizona in Tucson. 

I had to miss the Tuesday evening ICIS special event at the Boeing 
Museum of Flight so I could get back to Cedar Falls to grade final 
exams. As an administrative note, the SIG DSS bylaws were approved and 
the International Society for Decision Support Systems (ISDSS) is now 
consolidated with AIS SIG DSS.

ICIS 2004 will be held in Washington, DC, USA, on December 12-15, 2004.  

PS: Dr. Dan Power will attend Oracle AppsWorld, Jan. 27-29, 2004 in San 
Diego, CA, USA ( 


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DSS News Releases - December 8 to December 19, 2003
Read them at DSSResources.COM and search the DSS News Archive

12/19/2003 U.S. Department of Homeland Security orders $2.6 Million of 
Drexler Technology's LaserCard optical memory cards for use as enhanced 
"Green Cards". 

12/18/2003 City of New Orleans selects BlackBerry wireless solution; 
BlackBerry helps city staff to increase productivity and enhance 

12/17/2003 Financial services firms and banks count on Applix's TM1 
business intelligence solutions.

12/17/2003 Industry honors Microsoft SQL server.

12/16/2003 CONNX Solutions launches Microsoft(R) Excel-based enterprise 
data access tool.

12/16/2003 Hummingbird announces availability of Hummingbird BI™ 8.5.

12/15/2003 Polyplan's collaborative solution key element of 
Polytechnique's new virtual enterprise laboratory.

12/15/2003 Mindbridge Software introduces their hosted intranet 
solution; Intranet on Demand - designed for small and medium-sized 

12/12/2003 New technology platform will deliver LexisNexis services 

12/12/2003 releases enhancements, improving ease 
of Balanced Scorecard automation.

12/11/2003 ProClarity announces worldwide conference - Understanding 

12/11/2003 Actuate outperforms Crystal for enterprise reporting on 
clustered hardware; third party study confirms Actuate 7 excels over 
Crystal Enterprise 9 for cluster scalability.

12/10/2003 At least one hour a week wasted using email, Ferris research 
study finds.

12/10/2003 Applied OLAP, Inc. announces beta program for the StarOffice 
7.0 Calc application add-in for Hyperion Essbase.

12/09/2003 Hummingbird Enterprise(TM) delivers an 84% ROI for leading 
Spanish law firm, Cuatrecasas.

12/09/2003 Lerner New York to use ProfitLogic's merchandise optimization 
capabilities to improve assortment planning and buying decisions.

12/09/2003 PeopleSoft announces general availability of healthcare 
scorecard; pre-packaged key performance indicators drive performance 
management across the healthcare enterprise.

12/09/2003 Dell selects Microsoft collaboration technologies to enhance 
real-time communications.

12/08/2003 ObjectWeb and Apache to team up on open source J2EE.

12/08/2003 Cannondale races forward with Logility supply chain planning 


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