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Both Model-Driven and Data-Driven DSS can be built using spreadsheets. Solver add-ins are popular for building Model-Driven DSS based on optimization models. Small-scale, Data-Driven DSS can be built using Pivot table capabilities.



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Development Tips

  1. Add Hyperlinks to Integrate Your DSS with the Web. See explanation.
  2. Hide Unused Rows and Columns. See explanation.
  3. Include Comments and Notes. See explanation.
  4. Keep unprotected backup of Spreadsheet-based DSS. See explanation.
  5. Pick Fonts Carefully. See explanation.
  6. Plan it! See explanation.
  7. Protect Spreadsheet-based DSS. See explanation.
  8. Track Changes. See explanation.
  9. Use Borders to Help Organize Worksheet Screens. See explanation.
  10. Use Conditional Formatting. See explanation.
  11. Use Data Forms. See explanation.
  12. Use Informative Headers and Footers for Decision Support Reports. See explanation.
  13. Use Input Boxes Sparingly. See explanation.
  14. Use Message Boxes Sparingly. See explanation.
  15. Use Parentheses in Complex Formulas. See explanation.

The tips and detailed explanations were written by Dr. Dan Power.

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