What are the main types or categories of decision models used in DSS model base software?

Posted By Samuel Teong on October 06, 2000

Recently, I posted Chapter 9 of my DSS Hyperbook that discusses 
building Model-Driven DSS. As I wrote and rewrote the chapter, I had 
to choose among various organizing frameworks. In the most recent
revision I tried to examine 10 Management Science problem 
types: Cost-benefit analysis; Forecasting; Finance and investment;
Inventory control and stockout; Location, allocation, distribution 
and transportation; Manpower planning and assignment; Project planning 
and control; Queuing and congestion; Reliability and replacement policy; 
and Sequencing and scheduling.

I finally decided to discuss these 10 common decision support problem 
types in terms of five general categories of models: accounting and 
financial models, decision analysis models, forecasting models, 
network and optimization models, and simulation models.

This structure helped organize my thinking. I deal with statistical, 
and artificial intelligence models in my chapter on Knowledge-Driven 
DSS and mining data ....