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Ch. 11
Building Web-Based and Inter-Organizational Decision Support Systems

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Examples of Web-Based DSS Development Software

The DSS Vendors page at URL includes more than 50 companies that market DSS products. Many of these vendors have Web-Based DSS products. The following paragraphs discuss a few vendors that have on-line examples or demonstrations of Web-Based DSS development software.

Booz-Allen has a Purchasing Analysis Tool called SS/DSS. It includes structured and flexible tools that allow analysis of historic purchasing data; predefined graphs and reports for performing analysis within and across business units; and a flexible Java-based OLAP tool for drill-down, pivot, filter, and selection on a purchasing database.

Comshare has a product called DecisionWeb that uses Java applets. Web-OLAP is a product from Information Advantage and Sterling Software. Information Advantage was a leader in developing Web DSS/OLAP applications.

InterNetivity, Inc. has a product called dbProbe 4.0. Written in Java, dbProbe is a cross-platform, corporate-wide tool for sales analysis, statistical analysis, financial analysis, inventory analysis or any data warehouse application that needs multidimensional data analysis. You can visit the dbProbe Solutions Gallery at This product is an excellent example of what is possible with Java applets.

Pilot Software ( includes Internet capabilities in the Pilot Decision Support Suite. At the Web site you can see a screen shot of Pilot Internet Publisher (PIP) Version 6.0. Internet Publisher delivers decision support solutions on the World-Wide Web to users at company and remote locations through Web browser interfaces.

Cognos ( DecisionStream is an application designed to build dimensional data marts. It integrates with Cognos Business Intelligence Web tools like Impromptu Web Query. There are two main parts to the DecisionStream architecture: a design client running on Windows or NT, and a Server Engine running on UNIX or NT. Figure 11.2 shows a screen shot from Cognos DecisionStream Designer.

Figure 11.2 Cognos DecisionStream Designer

Hyperion ( Web Gateway is a development platform for building Web-based analytic applications. It enables high-speed, interactive read-write access to Hyperion Essbase OLAP server across the World Wide Web. According to materials at the website, "The more than 800 licensees of Hyperion Web Gateway have built applications ranging from performance measurement to risk analysis to preparing the Federal Budget." Figure 11.3 shows an example of an ad-hoc analysis built using the Web Gateway product.

Figure 11.3 Example of Application built using Hyperion Web Gateway


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