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Ch. 12
Evaluating Decision Support Systems Projects

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Audit Questions

  1. Does your company create budgets for DSS and IS/IT projects?
  2. Are managers involved in evaluating proposed DSS projects?
  3. Does your company have operations in more than one country?
  4. Are cultural and International issues considered in evaluating DSS projects?
  5. Is an evaluation checklist used?

Questions for Review

  1. What are five tools or methods to evaluate DSS?
  2. What is involved in a Cost/Benefit Analysis?
  3. What are the International/Cultural issues that impact DSS?
  4. What evaluation method attempts to reduce risk by requiring prototyping?
  5. What evaluation tool and approach attempts to estimate what decision-making will be like when a proposed DSS is in place and hence speculate on how the company will benefit?
  6. What do we call the resources that have already been expended on a project?
  7. When benefits equal costs the Benefit/Cost ratio is equal to what number?
  8. What do we call the calculation of how much a dollar of costs or benefits is worth today, even though it will be realized in the future?
  9. Evaluating DSS projects should involve evaluation activities that are proportionate to what three factors?

Questions for Further Discussion

  1. What type of DSS project should be evaluated most critically?
  2. How do Decision Support Systems impact authority and potentially national sovereignty?
  3. How important is it to examine the technological risk associated with a project?
  4. How is the risk of an individual DSS project related to the risk of all current IS/IT projects? Should we try to balance risks?
  5. What problems does one face in trying to justify DSS investments?
  6. What are obstacles to using technology to create DSS for global corporations and globally distributed DSS?


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