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Ch. 5
Designing and Evaluating DSS User Interfaces

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Audit Questions

  1. What software development products are primarily used in your company?
  2. Does your company have user interface guidelines for systems?
  3. Does your company involve potential users in the design and development of new applications?
  4. Are users satisfied with the user interfaces of current DSS?

Questions for Review

  1. What is a user interface?
  2. What are the various user interface styles?
  3. What steps should be followed in building a DSS User Interface?
  4. What factors influence the success of a DSS user interface?
  5. What is the ROMC approach? What is an example of each ROMC entity?
  6. What are five important guidelines for designing a user interface? Why is each especially important?

Questions for Discussion

  1. What user interface style do you prefer? Why? Is a GUI better for building DSS?
  2. Why are graphics and charts important in DSS?
  3. Examine a DSS user interface. Can you identify the ROMC entities?
  4. What is meant by the statement "From the userís perspective, the dialog is the system"? Do you agree with this statement? Discuss.
  5. User interface design guidelines standardize the "look and feel" of a user interface. Why is this important?
  6. Should a DSS provide shortcuts for frequent users?

Internet Exercises

  1. Search the Web to find sites on human-computer interaction and user interface design.
  2. Visit Dragon Systems ( and find out about Dragon Naturally speaking continuous speech recognition software.


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