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Ch. 8
Implementing Communications-Driven and Group Decision Support Systems

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Audit Questions

  1. Does your company use Email? Groupware? GDSS?
  2. Does your company have an Intranet? A videoconferencing facility?
  3. Does your company have a computer-supported meeting room?
  4. What computerized tools are used to support teamwork?

Questions for Review

  1. What are the four categories of group decision support situations?
  2. What are three examples of group support tools?
  3. When would you use various group support tools?
  4. How can computing technology support collaboration?
  5. How can videoconferencing, groupware, and intranets help the functioning of international corporations?
  6. What is a definition for a "Virtual Organization"?

Questions for Further Thought

  1. Why do managers need the support provided by GDSS?
  2. What technology makes a virtual organization possible? Intranets, Extranets, Email, chat rooms, list serves, voice mail, telephone, video-conferences, on-line discussion groups, groupware.
  3. How can group support systems alter organizational structures and relationships?
  4. What is the role and importance of trust, control, and communication in a virtual organization?

Internet Exercises

  1. Find an example of a Group Decision Support System.
  2. Search for the terms GDSS and Group Decision Support System using at least 2 search engines. What did you find?
  3. Visit and


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