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Ch. 8
Implementing Communications-Driven and Group Decision Support Systems

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Group Decision Support Systems

Figure 8.1 GroupSystems Agenda Tool

Common GDSS components include: an agenda tool; a whiteboard; an opinion meter; an idea categorizer; electronic brainstorming; a group outliner; a topic commenter; voting tools; a survey tool; and alternative analysis tools.

In a GDSS you can create an agenda with a listing of the activities you want to accomplish, such as brainstorming, categorizing ideas, and voting (see Figure 8.1). GroupSystems, a GDSS product, offers a variety of voting methods including Yes/No responses, Rank Ordering alternatives, True/False responses, and rating on a 10-point scale.

Take the GroupSystems Tour at URL According to the Web site "The ability to help a group develop consensus is one of the key features that distinguishes GroupSystems from data-sharing software such as Lotus Notes or conferencing programs."


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