AlphaBlox and Merger to Create Next Generation of Web-Based Information Applications

Merger Will Reinvent the Way Decisions Are Made Utilizing Personalized Information Applications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - June 19, 2000 - AlphaBlox Corporation, provider of the only open Web-based platform for eBusiness analysis applications, today announced a merger with™, the groundbreaking developer of advanced browser-based applications. The merger will create the most powerful platform for building a new generation of connected Web-based information applications and services for corporate, portal, and individual users. The combined company will carry the AlphaBlox name.

The AlphaBlox and merger will launch an entirely new way to deliver Web-based personalized decision making applications and will transform how data is accessed, shared, analyzed, and presented online. The merger will meld the technologies of the two companies to make information and analysis completely personalized and accessible to anyone with Web access. The combined technologies will radically change the sharing of information through completely Web-based solutions.

"This merger was driven by both companies' shared vision to distribute intelligent, connected information applications to anyone, anywhere, instantly," said Michael Skok, chairman and CEO of AlphaBlox. "The need for information has changed and companies can no longer rely on specialists to analyze and report on data. In today's economy, information that can be acted upon needs to be spread throughout an organization. We've redefined the boundaries of business intelligence by giving anyone with a Web browser the ability to enhance their decision making process."

The merger lets the combined companies reach a much wider community of end-users by offering personalized decision making information applications that address vital business issues, and mass distribute this new class of solutions to business exchanges, portals, organizations, and individuals over the Internet. It also gives users the ability to connect to personal, corporate and live Internet data where they can interact with it using the familiar look and feel of standard and browser-based productivity applications such as spreadsheets and presentation programs. 

The merger also enhances the application hosting capabilities of both companies. "The world is moving online where applications won't be installed but will be available through hosted services," said Steve Guttman, CEO of "By using our joint technologies, we can deliver hosted and shared analytical applications that extend the reach of information and analysis to anyone on the Web."

"The combined technologies have created a new class of applications that allows financial institutions like ours to offer analysis that not only provides a historical view but can answer "what if?" questions live, on the Web," said Michelle Schwabe, Chief Operating Officer for Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. "Having the ability to interconnect processes over the Internet and share information among global product managers on a real-time basis anywhere in the world is increasingly important in quickly implementing changes in corporate strategy."

"Customers are challenged with the generic nature of existing business intelligence tools and are looking for analytic and collaborative capabilities that can be integrated and enable the decision-making process to be personalized and shared with individuals inside and outside of the enterprise," said Mark Smith, Application Delivery Strategies, META Group. "The merger of AlphaBlox and Halfbrain bring together the ability to deliver a new class of personalized Web-based business applications to increase productivity and decrease decision-cycle time for corporations."



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