Computer Associates Jasmineii eBusiness Platform Powers Extensive National Health Services Information Resource
Medical Services Research Group Builds Internet-Enabled Data Portal to Support
   Clients' Health Planning, Marketing and Business Development Activities

    ISLANDIA, N.Y., Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Computer Associates International,
Inc. (NYSE: CA) (CA), the world's leading eBusiness solutions provider, today
announced that Medical Services Research Group, Inc. (MSRG), a provider of
health services information and management services for the heath care
industry, is using CA's Jasmineii eBusiness platform to design and implement
an Internet-enabled national market research and planning information resource
for health service providers, managers, planners and policy makers.
    MSRG's NationsHealth and community-based information portals will
extensively leverage CA's Jasmineii technology to deliver customized content
to health care planners and managers, extending MSRG's portfolio of
value-added consulting services and positioning the company for substantial
growth in the eBusiness arena.
    Since its inception in 1988, MSRG has been recognized as a top health care
management advisory firm with a reputation for addressing the most challenging
problems of its business clients.  The company leverages a substantial
collection of market databases, clinical information and other structured
information resources to deliver crucial population, disease, vital
statistics, provider, and facilities data for strategic planning and
competitive analysis.  MSRG also provides advanced consulting services,
information management and data distribution activities that enable clients to
evaluate market demand for specific health care services and to assess their
viability within specified geographic areas.
    Given the complex nature of its business, the number of data sets
encompassed within the health services industry and the number of analytical
processes involved, MSRG recognized the need to establish an accessible
nationwide information service that offered clients the ability to easily and
effectively examine business-critical variables.  The company made substantial
progress in migrating the required technologies and analytical methods, from
manual systems to desktop platforms, but the advancement to an Internet-based
solution represented yet another set of challenges.
    "The value of our service is to have 'one-stop shopping' for all relevant
information, but our route to the Internet was becoming piecemeal," said Paul
Russell, MSRG President.  "We needed to provide our clients with an integrated
solution, as opposed to having one data set here and another there.  Jasmineii
brings everything together."
    Jasmineii is also helping MSRG achieve its vision for implementing a
broadly defined community-based information portal by allowing the system to
gather data from an unlimited number of sources, including legacy systems,
distributed Local Area Networks (LAN) and large-scale Wide Area Networks (WAN)
across the country.  The platform provides the ability to access and utilize
information from both legacy-based database applications and client/server
infrastructures such as Windows NT, as well as IT environments housing Oracle,
Microsoft SQL and other popular databases and technologies.
    "One of the things we like most about Jasmineii is that it provides
end-to-end integration that allows us to implement a number of sophisticated
portals very rapidly," said Russell.  "Jasmineii enables our staff to upload
data sets across different operating systems and platforms efficiently and
deploy a more comprehensive range of data-rich analytical services via the
    The speed with which Jasmineii will permit MSRG to bring its information
and analytical services to market is especially important.  "We certainly
expect to launch several general purpose and a number of proprietary portals
in the marketplace before competitive information services commercialize
comparable solutions," said Russell.  "We believe that the Jasmineii
technology improves our company's opportunity to establish a foothold in
targeted industry segments and differentiate our products from competitive
    Russell is especially impressed by the dynamic customized customer
interaction that can be achieved through Jasmineii Portal.  "Particularly with
our Community-Wide service, the personalization features of Jasmineii Portal
are very applicable to the needs of targeted users groups," he said.  "The
ability for users to select reports, tables, graphs, maps, and other system
outputs from a library of content and build their home page to comply with
their personal requirements will make this a very attractive solution for our
    As MSRG continues to explore the dynamic capabilities of Jasmineii,
Russell believes his company's business model will continue to shift toward
more eBusiness related services.  In addition to providing a robust platform
upon which MSRG will structure its future eBusiness enterprise, Jasmineii will
help the company control its IT-related expenditures by allowing it to
efficiently tap the revenue potential of existing legacy applications and
    "Our objective is to look at every health related information resource
that can be Internet-enabled," said Russell.  "The company's new portals are
expected to have significant value to health services providers, managers, and
planners.  Community-based portals will be implemented to integrate and
distribute a number of disparate data sets at the community level to support
local health, community service, and economic development initiatives.

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    Founded in 1988 Medical Services Research Group, Inc., (MSRG) provides
reliable, cost-effective information services and value-added consulting
services to health care and health-related clients.  MSRG creates and
maintains accessible, integrated, national, and affordable information
resources that expedite and support health services marketing, planning, and
business development initiatives

    For further information on MSRG, visit the NationsHealth Web site at

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