ClearForest launches ClearSight:

ClearSight Increases Productivity for the World's Biggest Companies by Slashing Time to Knowledge.

NEW YORK, NY, October 23, 2000 - ClearForest, the leader in knowledge extraction and delivery of intelligent business information, today announced the launch of ClearSight, a revolutionary Web-based, interactive business intelligence application that enables Fortune 500 companies and major financial institutions to gain rapid understanding and updates across numerous information sources. ClearForest is redefining the Internet and information delivery space by slashing the time it takes to gain genuinely useful knowledge while ensuring the highest level of quality. ClearSight is the company's first browser-based application that is offered to ClearForest's customers as an Application Service (ASP).

ClearSight's highly sophisticated technology enables customers to understand large quantities of documents instantly. Its semantic, rules-based technology reads and analyzes enormous amounts of text from internal sources such as email and company documents, and external sources, such as newswires. ClearSight extracts only the information relevant to the users' needs and displays it in a variety of simple, visual forms with which the user can interact. ClearSight is capable of assimilating text and data of indefinite size, identifying key terms, understanding context, and identifying inter-relationships.

"Quite simply, professionals living with today's information burden are not able to obtain and absorb all of the relevant knowledge they need on a daily basis. This impedes their ability to stay up to date on, learn about, or make educated decisions related to specific subject matter that is important to their business," said Barak Pridor, CEO of ClearForest. "Essentially, our technology reads and understands any given news or information source, and then provides visual, interactive executive summaries of the information that is relevant to the specific user. We are revolutionizing the way people read, learn and make decisions."

Leading industry analyst and research firms such as Swiss-based research firm Gottlieb Duttweiler Foundation understand the importance and value of overcoming the information overload problem. According to the Gottlieb Duttweiler Foundation, CEOs report that only about 20% of the knowledge available to their company is actually used. In addition, IDC stated that by 2003, Fortune 500 companies would lose a total of $31.5 billion in revenue due to cumbersome knowledge-seeking practices. ClearSight was designed to eliminate this problem. Unlike search and content delivery solutions that provide tremendous numbers of documents as output, ClearForest's technology takes documents as input. Customers receive a clear summary of the information they seek based on a single-user query. Therefore, ClearSight's ability to read and understand information becomes a major business advantage for gaining return on information investment (ROII), thereby giving customers a competitive edge.

"Our goal was to create a product that redefines the "beyond search" space," said Ronen Feldman, Co-founder, President and chief scientist of ClearForest. "By providing the best infrastructure for knowledge extraction and delivery of intelligent business information, we can significantly reduce our customers' time to knowledge while improving the relevance and quality of that knowledge."

ClearSight is the latest in ClearForest's product suite. ClearForest also offers ClearEvents, an application that allows customers to keep abreast of events occurring in the market, by automatically identifying business events from news feeds. Credit Suisse uses this application to target specific events, such as mergers or stock splits, which are automatically extracted from Reuters' news feeds and posted on its banking Website. ClearResearch is ClearForest's powerful, flexible analysis product targeted at large corporations and financial institutions with knowledge intensive research requirements. It is currently licensed on a client-server basis. ClearStudio rounds out the product suite as an environment for adapting the technology for specific vertical markets and for the customization of existing ones. It is available to enterprise clients, value added resellers (VARs) and professional service partners and is licensed on a per-seat basis.

About ClearForest

ClearForest is positioned to meet the challenge of overcoming information overload in the Internet and wireless age by providing a technology that reads vast quantities of unstructured information, extracts only the knowledge relevant to the users' requirements and delivers it in a variety of simple, visual formats. ClearForest's sophisticated products provide knowledge extraction and delivery from comprehensive internal and external information sources, allowing customers to gain rapid and valuable insight into mission critical business information - a capability never before available. Information-intensive firms and individuals performing knowledge-intensive jobs, such as employees in the financial services sector and business research teams, can finally understand massive amounts of relevant information instantly.

As ClearForest's name signifies, the Company allows users to obtain a 'clear' view of the information 'forest.' ClearForest's customers include major Fortune 500 corporations, such as Credit Suisse, General Motors, Ford, Dow Chemical, and Kodak. With its headquarters in New York City, ClearForest also has R&D facilities in Or Yehuda, Israel. For more information on ClearForest, please visit

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