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( BW)(MA-GIGA-INFORMATION)(GIGX) Giga Information Group Finds It's Too Soon to Adopt a Personal Digital Assistant Standard; Despite Rapid Adoption in the Workplace, PDAs Not Yet an Enterprise Solution

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 10, 2000--Analysts at Giga Information Group (NASDAQ:GIGX) state that it's too soon for corporate environments to adopt any single personal digital assistant (PDA) platform as a technology standard. While some classes of highly mobile individuals, such as sales professionals, can benefit from PDAs, Giga advises that it is hard to justify the costs to most enterprises for supporting the majority of casual users.

Support and Administration Concerns Delay Endorsement of PDA Usage

For example: "While the Palm is a viable technology and getting more robust all the time, it is presently too far ahead of the curve for most mainstream enterprises. And at this point, when the total cost of management is considered, it is definitely an expensive optional solution rather than a `must-have' connectivity device," new Giga research shows. "Despite all the hype, it should be kept in mind that fewer than 10 million Palms are in use today."

The considerable cost, management and network fine-tuning necessary to link PDAs into existing Microsoft server operating system environments will most likely be viewed as an optional project with a high cost that corporations cannot readily justify. Equally crucial, IT staffs will be hard pressed to support or maintain large portions of their end-user population at this time. In addition, despite recent technology advances, third-party utilities for server synchronization are functionally limited and do not deliver seamless integration.

Until now, many organizations have been reluctant to formally adopt PDA usage because of the concerns about accepting responsibility for support and administration. For example, HotSync Server, a utility for server synchronization recently launched by Palm, may make the lives of individual owners somewhat simpler, but it doesn't do enough yet to settle enterprise concerns.

Future Will Bring Widespread Adoption of PDAs

Despite its current concerns, Giga expects the connectivity options, manageability and integration to improve, and the price tags to decline as part of the natural product maturation cycle within the next 12 to 18 months. Enterprises should recognize that during this time they need to begin planning for widespread adoption of PDAs. Without a centralized effort to inventory and manage devices, organizations will have little idea of the cost or benefits of PDAs in the enterprise.

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