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Hummingbird announces next generation enterprise information portal

    Hummingbird EIP 4 features enterprise-strength scalability, innovative
    administrative capabilities, and an enhanced user interface

    Hummingbird Summit 2000, LAS VEGAS, NV, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -
Hummingbird Ltd. (NASDAQ: HUMC, TSE:HUM), a world-leading enterprise software
solutions company, today announced Hummingbird EIP 4, the next generation
enterprise information portal that delivers on the promise of scalability,
administrative capabilities, application integration and collaboration, and an
enhanced user interface design.
    "Hummingbird EIP 4 delivers on our vision of user-centric computing and
enterprise wide deployment requirements," said Barry Litwin, President of
Hummingbird. "With the addition of a new user interface and Application
Collaboration, Hummingbird EIP truly empowers users, hiding the complexities
of the underlying applications. This helps users focus on getting their jobs
done, rather than being buried in the complexities of multiple user interfaces
and application environments."
    Hummingbird EIP 4 addresses the requirements of organizations that are
now beginning to deploy portals at enterprise and departmental levels. The new
functionalities facilitate enterprise wide deployment and maintenance by
leveraging Hummingbird's proven Web Update(TM) technology. This functionality
allows administrators to seamlessly upgrade Hummingbird EIP deployments and
install additional e-Clip(TM) plug-ins, to extend the reach of the portal
users to new applications and information sources.
    Hummingbird EIP 4 also includes a new user interface (UI) that exploits
sophisticated DHTML functionality. Leveraging the drag-and-drop metaphor,
users can now easily build their personal pages to gain access to aggregated
information as well as business applications. The new UI gives the user total
control of the customization and layout of personal pages, dramatically
improves the overall end-user experience, and enhances the portal's value for
the enterprise.
    In addition, the new XML-based application interface enables Application
Collaboration(TM) between Hummingbird EIP and the underlying applications and
information sources. This revolutionary Hummingbird technology allows
applications to interact in new innovative ways by having Hummingbird EIP
control and link the content between disparate applications. It enables users
to focus on the work at hand, without the worry of choosing which application
environment they should be in to perform the actions they need to do. As an
example, business intelligence users, leveraging Application Collaboration,
can now seamlessly check in reports into a document management system and
utilize Hummingbird EIP's sophisticated search and categorization capabilities
for report content and metadata.
    Additional new features in Hummingbird EIP 4 include:

    - Support for widely utilized scripting languages including JavaScript,
      VBScript, Jpython, JACL, to develop e-Clip plug-ins
    - Integration with Folio Views
    - Tighter integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange

    Hummingbird EIP is the cornerstone of Enterprise Portal Suite,
Hummingbird's fully integrated set of applications and portal framework.
Through Application Collaboration and the new UI, this offering promises to be
the first in the industry to deliver true user-centric computing, taking user
productivity to unprecedented levels. In line with Hummingbird's overall
strategy of platform and application independent solutions, this offering
delivers lower total cost of ownership and significantly faster time to deploy
as the integration of different applications and information sources is
considerably easier.

    Hummingbird EIP Version 4 is expected to ship at the end of this quarter.
New functionality including the new UI is being demonstrated at Summit 2000,
Hummingbird's inaugural world- wide user conference and technology showcase,
in Las Vegas this week. For more information on Hummingbird Summit 2000,
please visit

    About Hummingbird
    Hummingbird develops enterprise software solutions that provide access to
all business-critical information and resources, aggregated and categorized
through a single user interface. Hummingbird offers these global enterprise
solutions through the desktop and the Web with Hummingbird EIP (Enterprise
Information Portal), the cornerstone product of the firm's e-Business
solutions. Integrated within Hummingbird EIP are the firm's proven
technologies for host access, data integration, reporting and analytics, and
document and knowledge management. The company offers its solutions, along
with related consulting, education, and support services, in more than 50
countries around the world. For more information, please visit

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