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LeapSource Unveils CxO DesktopTM Interface 
Executives monitor their up-to-the-minute key business indicators, receive
financial updates via laptop or Palm VIITM 

Tempe, AZ, October 2, 2000-You're traveling in the Far East all week but you
still want daily reports on your company's accounts receivable and cash

Or you're working from home on new product pricing and need historical margin
information to make your calculations. 

For that matter, you're coming into the office every day as usual and just want
a report on your business's key performance indicators the moment you walk in.

LeapSource, a leader in business process outsourcing (BPO), now makes all this
possible - in a uniquely convenient and portable manner - through the new CxO
DesktopTM interface. 

"Our new CxO Desktop provides executives with key, current information about
their companies at the click of a mouse anywhere in the world," said Chris Kirk,
CEO of LeapSource. "The CxO Desktop is a tool that gives executives the
insight they need to run their businesses from any place at any time."

"Our clients were telling us they needed a timely, concise, and easily accessible
summary of their key business data, every day," said Bobby Scott,
LeapSource's director of technology. "We are proud that, with CxO Desktop, we
have become the first BPO company to provide that vital information."

LeapSource specializes in handling its clients' finance and accounting, among
other processes. Operating through secure, dedicated connections, the
company gathers information from its clients' operations all over the world to
one location, processes that information, and then distributes it back to the
organization's key decision-makers.

The CxO Desktop now also provides additional, related kinds of information and
insight to select senior executives, typically the CEO, CFO, CIO, or COO.
Because the interface is Web-enabled, executives can access CxO Desktop
securely through any personal computer or even a PalmTM VII and the PalmTM
Computing Platform, just by using a password. This is the first time information
of this kind has been accessible on the PalmTM VII and the PalmTM Computing

For many companies, a key benefit of the LeapSource Virtual ScorecardSM
report will be the speed with which it provides vital information. Some
companies already have the kinds of information displayed on the Virtual
Scorecard. But to gather that information, these companies need to make a
painstaking, time-consuming navigation through complex Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) software or multiple legacy systems, or wade through
cumbersome manual processes - pulling data from different reports and then
analyzing it.

Other companies may rely on software marketers of so-called corporate,
enterprise, or decision portals to gather the data for them. But again, there is a
delay for the information-gathering process. With the LeapSource CxO Desktop,
the information is available almost instantly. That's because LeapSource, as the
provider of outsourced finance and accounting processes, is generating the
information itself. The CxO Desktop is accessing data that is already there. 

The CxO Desktop's offerings fall into three basic categories:

The Virtual ScorecardSM-Like the scorecard for a baseball game, this
daily or weekly summary provides concise information about the client's
key performance indicators, however the client has defined them. Need
to know each morning how much downtime your company's plants
experienced because of equipment failures? Need to know how many
gallons of fuel your truck fleet consumed? The Virtual Scorecard will tell
you. Also posted on the scorecard are routine financial statements and
data - the P&L statement, the balance sheet, etc.- that all businesses
use to manage their operations. 

Two-way communications with the client's account manager - The
CxO Desktop features a variety of tools e-mail, paging, phone number
listings, etc. - that facilitate fast, convenient two-way communication
between the client and the LeapSource account manager responsible for
the client's data. As a result, executives with questions about the
information on their Virtual Scorecard can get them answered promptly.
In other words, behind the Virtual Scorecard is a human being, with

News and information - The interface features a customized news
portal, so executives can access the latest information affecting their
business. Does your business manage golf courses in the South? The
news portal will offer you information on the weather there, provide you
with the latest stories about golf course management, and fill you in,
generally, on all things golf. 

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