SAS Sees Significant Performance Gains with New IBM eServer

-- IBM eServer pSeries 680 demonstrates speed improvements of 24 to 44% --

CARY, N.C. (Oct. 16, 2000) -- SAS Institute, the market leader in e-intelligence and data warehousing, today announced that the new IBM eServer pSeries 680 demonstrated superior performance gains over the previous server model in tests performed by SAS developers.

The tests, which took place at the joint SAS-IBM International Competency Center located at SAS' world headquarters in Cary, N.C., involved compute-intensive e-intelligence solutions from SAS running on the new p680.

"SAS has completed throughput testing with the new p680," said John Shafeei, senior systems developer at SAS. "Overall, the performance of the p680 exceeded our expectations, delivering throughput improvements ranging from 24 to 44 percent over the previous server model in our tests. The IBM UNIX server family has always been a favorite among SAS customers, and with the announcement of the p680, it's clear the line just got stronger."

Companies rely on SAS® e-Intelligence software and services to help turn huge volumes of data - from e-business and e-commerce applications -- into usable knowledge and better business decisions. With these huge volumes of data pouring in, application flexibility and scalability are crucial.

"We're extremely pleased at the performance gains demonstrated by mission-critical SAS e-intelligence and decision-support solutions running on the new p680," said Mike Kerr, vice president of IBM Web Server Products. "Together, SAS software and IBM eServer technology offer an unbeatable combination of maximum speed and performance and unmatched scalability, as well as IBM's renowned reliability and security."

The new p680, added to IBM's powerful family of eServers, gives customers another option in selecting a server architecture that's best suited for their mission-critical SAS solutions, whether for e-intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM), supplier-relationship management (SRM), data mining or other applications.

As a Premier Member of IBM's PartnerWorld for Developers program, SAS has early access to the latest technology from IBM, including the new p680 and the other members of the eServers family of products. This early access means that SAS customers can take advantage of new technologies and features from IBM as soon as they are generally available.

SAS and IBM - Working Together to Create Customer Value

SAS' relationship with IBM began in 1976, the year SAS was founded. Today this relationship is stronger than ever. The two companies have invested in a joint International Competency Center to provide pre-sales marketing and technical support. SAS software runs on all IBM server platforms, and supports the IBM Application Framework for e-Business (including support for DB2 and MQSeries). Also, IBM Global Services has established a dedicated services practice focused on SAS solutions for customer relationship management (CRM), supplier relationship management (SRM), intelligent warehousing and e-intelligence.

About SAS

SAS is the world leader in e-intelligence software and services, enabling its customers to turn raw data -- including the vast quantity generated by e-business -- into usable knowledge. Software from SAS, the world’s largest privately held software company, is used at more than 33,000 business, government and university sites in 110 countries. SAS’ 1999 revenues totaled $1.02 billion.

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