Passes long-term rival in business intelligence license revenue;

Recognized with strong industry acclaim

San Jose, Calif. – August 13, 2001 -- Business Objects (NASDAQ: BOBJ), the world's leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced that it has taken the leadership position in the BI marketplace, passing its long-term rival in business intelligence license revenue.

Measured by business intelligence software license revenue in its most recently reported quarters, Business Objects has:

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"Software license revenue is the ultimate measure of a software company, and by this measure we now have a 50% lead over our historical archrival in this market," said Bernard Liautaud, chief executive officer of Business Objects. "We are proud that we have been able to establish this strong leadership through our consistent and focused execution in the marketplace."

Business Objects has also received a large number of strong third-party endorsements related to its products, vision, and business execution.

About The Market Share Analysis

The figures presented in this analysis are based on software license revenue for the top four direct competitors of Business Objects in the business intelligence market (i.e., ad hoc query, reporting, and analysis). The figures represent the software license revenue for each vendor’s most recently reported fiscal quarter. The figures exclude revenue from services such as training and consulting. The figures exclude non-BI-related revenue from competitors engaged in both BI and other businesses (e.g., Cognos application development tools). The figures represent relative market share and are calculated by dividing Business Objects BI software license revenue in its most recently reported quarter by that of Cognos, and its number 3 and number 4 direct competitors. The relevant figures are Business Objects $61.0M, Cognos $41.4M, number three $21.2M, and number four $13.5M. All figures are rounded to one place after the decimal.

About Business Objects

Business Objects is the world’s leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions. Business intelligence lets organizations access, analyze, and share information internally with employees and externally with customers, suppliers, and partners. It helps organizations improve operational efficiency, build profitable customer relationships, and develop differentiated product offerings.

The company’s products include BusinessObjects 2000, the industry’s leading integrated business intelligence toolset and platform; and BusinessObjects Analytics, an integrated suite of enterprise analytic applications.

Business Objects pioneered the modern BI industry in 1990 by inventing a patented "semantic layer" that insulates users from the complexity of databases. In 1995, the company was first to focus on enterprise-scale BI deployments and today supports customers with more than 20,000 users. The company moved aggressively to the internet in 1997 by pioneering the market for BI extranets, a market that it continues to lead today. In 2000, the company delivered the industry’s first interactive mobile BI solution. Today, Business Objects continues to innovate, creating and delivering a unique vision for enterprise analytic applications.

Business Objects has more than 13,000 customers in over 80 countries. The company’s stock is publicly traded under the ticker symbols NASDAQ: BOBJ and Euronext Paris (Sicovam code 12074). It is included in the SBF 120 and IT CAC 50 French stock market indexes. Business Objects can be reached at 408-953-6000 and


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