ES Cube leverages existing report and data infrastructures to provide true thin client OLAP analysis to Monarch|ES users

Lowell, Mass. – August 28, 2001 -- Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ:DWCH), a leading provider worldwide of business intelligence/enterprise reporting, data transformation and support center solutions, today began shipping ES Cube, the newest web enabled module for its Monarch|ES report management and business intelligence solution suite. ES Cube provides Monarch|ES users with world-class multidimensional On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) data analysis, using any standard Java-enabled browser. Users now have the ability to quickly and easily view any existing report-based information in any combination of data dimensions and level of detail with no new programming or report writing.

Editor’s Summary for ES CUBE:

  • Transforms report-based information stored in the Monarch|ES enterprise information portal into web-enabled multidimensional OLAP data cubes
  • Lets users view data dimensions in virtually any combination and drill up or down to any level of detail
  • Provides users valuable new insights into business activity and new opportunities for profit and growth without new programming or report writing
  • Offers ability to share relationship-enhancing OLAP data over the web safely and securely with external partners, vendors and suppliers
  • Implements very quickly (two to three week average)
  • Allows users of all skill levels to become productive immediately
  • Requires virtually no IT administration

"Virtually all of the information most users need to do their jobs more efficiently resides in their company’s reports," said Calvin Mackay, senior vice president of Enterprise Products for Datawatch. "They just need better access to it in a more usable format. Monarch|ES solves this problem by providing

organizations with web-based report distribution that transforms existing report and database information into live online data. Now with the addition of ES Cube, users with advanced analytical needs can quickly and easily view that data in any combination of data dimensions, any level of detail, in a wide variety of graphical views to gain new insight into key business activities. Best of all, there’s no new programming, new report writing or data warehouse construction necessary. Monarch|ES and ES Cube return an immediate and large ROI by simply unlocking the huge investment and tremendous store of knowledge in a company’s existing reports."

Block Distributing, a Texas-based distributor of fine wines and spirits, recently added ES Cube to its existing Monarch|ES system. "We are already using Monarch|ES to distribute reports and data internally across our multiple company divisions through our intranet," said Brenda Weeks, web coordinator at Block Distributing. "With the addition of ES Cube, we can now securely provide each of our suppliers direct access to their own reports, plus the ability to view and analyze the data in whatever format they prefer, all through their web browsers. We didn’t have to change any internal processes to implement ES Cube. We simply defined a simple ‘cube profile’ that automatically renders each report type into an OLAP cube on user demand. Users just click a button, and the cube is there. It’s as simple as that.

"ES Cube will deliver a huge upgrade to our supply chain management as we have hundreds of suppliers who all want to track their own product sales in many different ways," Weeks added. "With ES Cube, our suppliers can track their sales online anytime, and we no longer have to second-guess how they want to view their information."


ES Cube is an optional module that offers Monarch|ES users world-class multidimensional OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) data analysis, using any standard Java-enabled browser. With ES Cube, users get a higher level of multidimensional business intelligence with no need for SQL programming or data warehousing. Designed for all levels of users, ES Cube allows users to easily drag-and-drop data dimensions, and automatically view relationships between different combinations of data dimensions. Users can view the data in a wide variety of charts and graphs. An integrated PDF facility is provided for ease of printing, while views can be exported to other applications, such as MS Word™. ES Cube fully leverages and supports Monarch|ES’s robust security features, such as limiting user access to reports and data based on specific content, and utilizing standard HTTP communications so the corporate firewall is not compromised. Not only does this ensure sensitive, confidential data remains in the right hands within the organization, but allows organizations to offer safe, secure access to OLAP data to external partners, suppliers and customers.


Monarch|ES allows organizations to easily archive and deliver reports and business intelligence derived from existing reporting systems and databases through any standard browser with no new programming or report writing. Monarch|ES provides a unified point of entry and universal access for users to securely view, analyze and share current and historical report information over the Internet from any and all systems running in an organization. Average implementation time is less than two weeks.

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