DBMiner Raises Data Mining Performance Standards with its New Analytical Solution

San Francisco, CA. – August 27, 2001 – DBMiner Technology Inc., a leading provider of analytical software solutions for next-generation business intelligence applications, introduces DBMiner Analytical System 3.0 at Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) 2001 Conference.

Based on DBMiner’s patent-pending and innovative data mining technologies, proven to outperform competing techniques by a wide margin, DBMiner 3.0 enables large organizations to easily manage, interpret and act on high volumes of data from within specific business units or across the enterprise for improved marketing, sales, customer service, merchandising at record speed, performance and scalability.

"Business intelligence analysis is an iterative process. Business users have limited time to wait while their systems churn through large volume of data for each iteration," said Dr. Jiawei Han, DBMiner’s President, a leading expert in data mining, author of the best selling book: "Data Mining – Concepts and Techniques" and professor at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. "DBMiner 3.0 has the ability to deliver answers quickly - even for very complex questions."

The new and enhanced features of DBMiner 3.0 include:

About DBMiner

DBMiner is a leading provider of analytical software solutions for next-generation business intelligence applications. Its high performance, powerful and scalable data mining applications analyze both relational databases and data warehouses at record speed and with multiple mining functions. The company’s products are based on 10 years of leading edge research and development as manifested in over 150 papers published in major refereed journals and international conferences. DBMiner has close collaborations with world leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, HP and Boeing.

For more information, please visit DBMiner’s web site at: www.dbminer.com

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