Ford Motor Company approves three-site roll out of inSORSí IAG2001

inSORS to provide conferencing system to Ford to enable real time multi-site video, audio and data collaboration

Chicago, IL --August 21, 2001-- inSORS Integrated Communications, Inc., a communication solutions provider specializing in real time video, audio and data collaboration, and Ford Motor Company, are rolling out a three-site deployment of the IAG2001 Collaborative Conferencing System at Fordís World Headquarters in Dearborn, MI. The IAG2001 platform will be used in conjunction with ongoing initiatives throughout Fordís worldwide manufacturing, service and design locations.

Ford Motor Company is comprised of multiple brands with locations in 120 different countries. Ford will use the IAG2001 to pilot collaborative tools that promise to improve communications between their many dispersed sites, departments and affiliates. InSORSí high end product gives Fordís employees the ability to participate in immersive group-to-group collaborative conferences. The record and playback feature of the IAG2001 will also be useful in the ongoing research and training initiatives throughout Ford.

InSORS considers Ford Motor Company an extremely important and strategic customer in its efforts to bring the IAG2001 Distance Training and Collaborative Conferencing System to the real time collaboration market. "Ford and its many affiliates are considered well advanced in the technology arena", said Michael Galich, President and CEO of inSORS. "Their commitment to improving their employees and processes through continued training and communication is well known throughout the industry. Their work with the IAG2001 will lend ultimate credibility to inSORS."

The IAG2001 is a cutting edge collaborative conferencing and distance learning system. It is comprised of the latest video and audio components and has been tested for two years in the research and university communities. The IAG2001 has been commercially developed by inSORS to be used in the Real Time Collaboration market, the corporate training market, as well as the distance education market. It is comprised of both hardware and software, and has additional features such as scheduling, archiving and record and playback. The IAG2001 can also be delivered as a hosted application through inSORSí virtual venue service platform.

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