( BW)(MA-INTRANETS.COM) Intranets.com Unveils Next Generation Document Management Features for its Web-based Intranets; Intranet Provider Adds Web Folders to its Subscription Service

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    BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 6, 2001--Intranets.com, the world's largest intranet service provider, today announced the first major enhancement to its subscription service since migrating to an all-paid model in July. The new features include Web Folders, an update to the document library, a check-in/check-out editing feature, an updated polling application and an application management tool for increased customization.
    "We have dedicated our energy and resources to constantly improving our intranet applications based on feedback from our customers and partners," said Karen Leavitt, vice president of product marketing at Intranets.com. "Our users can continue to expect quarterly application updates to our subscription-based service as we further improve and enhance our offering."
    Web Folders allows Intranets.com users to instantly access their intranet documents and move, copy, rename, and change their intranet files and documents from within local applications, as though the files resided in a local directory. The next generation interface can be viewed through Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office applications or through a Web browser. Intranets.com users can use Web Folders to instantly add multiple files to their intranet, back up their documents library, and open files for editing on their site, all from within a Windows environment.
    Another new feature, the check-in/check-out tool, allows groups to collaborate easily on a document and avoid "dueling edits." Users can also take advantage of the new polling enhancement to poll sub groups of their intranet site members such as specific departments or work groups. In addition, Intranets.com has optimized the group calendar function for increased flexibility.
    The Application Manager interface provides Intranets.com administrators with advanced customization options. Administrators can customize and control their users' experience by turning off applications that are not applicable to the work group. This in turn streamlines the appearance of the intranet and gives the administrators greater control over the navigation bar.
    "Our corporate customers are thrilled with the enhancements to our enterprise-quality intranets," said Rick Faulk, vice president of marketing at Intranets.com. "Our frequent, feature-rich product updates allow larger corporate accounts the flexibility to manage information within their organizations, with great confidence in the ever-improving quality and functionality of their intranet sites."
    In addition to these new features, Intranets.com offers small and medium-sized businesses and groups a document sharing library, a contact database, a group calendar, discussion groups, a task manager, an expense report application and 100MB of storage. SSL encryption and additional storage space are also available as a la carte options.
    To register for Intranets.com's intranets, please visit www.intranets.com. Pricing starts at $19.95 per month for up to four members, plus $5.95 per month for each additional member.

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    Intranets.com is the world's largest intranet service provider offering corporations and small businesses a secure, Web-based workplace for group communication and collaboration. Intranets.com is a simple, fast and affordable way for corporations and small businesses to deploy an enterprise-quality intranet. The company's partnership program allows companies targeting online customers to deliver branded intranets with features such as document sharing, hosted e-mail and group calendars as a revenue-generating, value-added service. Privately-held Intranets.com is based in Woburn, Massachusetts, with worldwide offices in Tokyo and in the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.intranets.com, e-mail webmaster@intranets.com or call 888-932-2600 or 781-932-0960.

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