Latest release of financial software leader continues to revolutionize financial lives with redesigned setup; new investment, budget and tax features

Mountain View, CA - August 22, 2001 – The economic climate could not be more different than it was a year ago. Compared to last summer, the Dow is down 20%, the S&P has fallen 25% and the NASDAQ is down an alarming 55%. As a result, over $3.5 trillion dollars has been lost. Now more than ever, people are seeking assistance in managing their finances and minimizing their taxes. The Quicken 2002 product line, released today by Intuit Inc. (NASDAQ: INTU) provides consumers with the only financial solution that is both powerful and easy to use, with the best tools available to make better investing and tax decisions. Combined with the award-winning Web site, Quicken 2002 offers consumers the most complete personal financial solution available.

For the past 17 years, Intuit, the leading provider of financial software and Web-based services for consumers, small businesses and accounting professionals, has revolutionized the way people manage their finances. Currently, over 15 million people manage their personal finances with Quicken, the perennial market leader in personal finance software with over 75% of retail unit and dollar sales according to NPD INTELECT. Quicken 2002 products, designed as a direct result of customer research, help consumers save time and steps in the features people use most.

"Due to our time-crunched society, the volatile stock market and the introduction of new, complex tax laws, people are more uncertain about making the right financial decisions," said Theresa McGinness, senior product manager, Intuit. "Quicken 2002 provides the tools to make it easy for them to quickly and confidently take care of financial tasks and help make better decisions."

Quicken 2002 is easier to set up and use

Research shows that Americans spend an average of 2.2 hours per month balancing their checkbook and 4.9 hours per week monitoring their investments. Quicken 2002 provides a new and always available Setup View for both new users and users upgrading to this version. This streamlined process makes it faster and easier for consumers to set up accounts, bills, online banking, and more.

"By minimizing the time it takes to set up accounts, pay bills and balance their checkbook, consumers can now spend their limited time using the robust analysis and reporting features in Quicken to gain valuable insights into their finances," said McGinness.

Quicken 2002 features that make setup easier and eliminate data entry include:



Investor confidence is at a four year low, and for the first time, 401(k) accounts are losing money. In today’s volatile market, many people are seeking guidance on how they can invest more wisely. The investment tools in Quicken 2002 give consumers the power and insight to assess their portfolio’s performance and make better investment decisions.

Quicken 2002 investing features include:



Americans overpay approximately $2 billion in taxes each year to the IRS and the average consumer spends 6.7 hours manually calculating state and federal taxes. With the improved tax planning tools in Quicken 2002 Deluxe, it’s easier than ever for consumers to see how new tax laws affect their finances, evaluate tax implications of financial decisions they’re considering, and minimize taxes.

Quicken 2002 tax features include:


Integrated Services

Quicken 2002 products leverage the Internet and popular handheld devices to provide anytime, anywhere access to financial information.

Quicken 2002 integrated features include:

Quicken 2002 Home & Business for Windows

"There are over 22 million small businesses in America today and they’re pressed for time, faced with cumbersome record-keeping requirements and the complexity of ever-changing tax laws," said McGinness. "Quicken 2002 Home & Business offers customers all the business features they need with the ease they want to help alleviate these challenges."

Quicken 2002 Home & Business provides the best overall solution for tracking personal and business finances either separately or together. The product combines the features of Quicken 2002 Deluxe with additional tools to help small business owners better manage their business finances. With over 30% of Quicken customers managing both their personal and business finances in Quicken, Intuit developed Home & Business specifically for the small business owner.

Quicken 2002 Home & Business features include:

Quicken 2002 Suite for Windows

Quicken 2002 Suite is the most complete way to manage personal finances. It includes: America’s top selling personal finance software, Quicken 2002 Deluxe for Windows; the #1 best-selling tax software, TurboTax Deluxe (for the Tax Year 2001); and Quicken Lawyer 2002 Personal Deluxe, a product that helps create wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, executor’s documents and more.

"Quicken 2002 Suite enables consumers to manage their finances, invest wisely, plan for the future, plan and prepare taxes and prepare important legal documents – all in one place," said McGinness.

TurboTax State for Tax Year 2001 will be offered free to purchasers of Quicken 2002 Suite through a rebate coupon. When the product becomes available in February/March of 2002, consumers may purchase the product and mail in the coupon for a full rebate.

Availability and Pricing

The Quicken 2002 for Windows product line is expected to be widely available by August 22, 2001. Suggested retail prices are as follows:


Suggested Retail Price


Price After Rebate

Quicken 2002 Basic




Quicken 2002 Deluxe




Quicken 2002 Home & Business




Quicken 2002 Suite




* Mail-in rebates for Deluxe and Home & Business only apply to upgraders; rebate for Suite applies to all purchasers.

Consumers can learn more about and purchase Quicken 2002 products at or by calling 800/952-2558. Additional information about Quicken 2002 products is available online at Intuit’s press room located at

NOTE TO EDITORS: Information concerning Quicken 2002 Deluxe for Macintosh can be found in a separate release distributed by Intuit on August 22, 2001. Please call the contacts found on page one of this release if you have any questions.

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