SPSS Enabling Technologies Division and Azerity Form Strategic Alliance

Partnership of Two Industry Leaders Will Deliver Advanced Analytical Capabilities for Azerity's ProChannel® Sell-Side E-Business Solution

Miami, FL./San Jose, CA, August 08, 2001 - SPSS Inc.'s (Nasdaq:SPSS) Enabling Technologies Division (ETD) and Azerity, a leader in sell-side e-business software solutions, today announced a strategic partnership that will significantly enhance the analytical capabilities of Azerity's ProChannel solutions suite. The partnership enables manufacturers in complex industries like high technology the ability to quickly and dynamically access and analyze leading indicators for their business resulting in more accurate forecasts and inventory allocation. Azerity will integrate advanced SPSS web-based analytics, including key performance indicators and forecasting, into its collaborative sales solution, ProChannel. Azerity's ProChannel offers manufacturers and their selling communities real-time market intelligence, end-to-end control of the sales process and fast accurate execution of transactions. The alliance of the two award-winning companies will enable customers to analyze the sell-side transactional data captured by ProChannel to provide a deeper understanding of the activities across their multiple sales channels. "Our agreement with SPSS provides the next step in the evolution of our ProChannel solution, said Stephen Gold, president and CEO of Azerity. "For the first time, manufacturers will have total visibility into all transactional activity affecting company-wide sales, and the ability to forecast future performance based on both leading and lagging indicators.. With this strategic alliance, we extend ProChannel's capabilities to senior management, providing the analytical tools they need to make the best decisions for their companies." "We are very pleased to be joining forces with Azerity and to help provide its clients with analytical tools that more quickly identify a wide variety of business opportunities," said David Blyer, president of SPSS ETD. The integration of SPSS analytical solutions into the ProChannel suite will provide end users with new levels of insight into capsulated data, enabling them to better recognize business trends and respond rapidly, while at the same time develop more accurate forecasts. The result is a turnkey product with built-in flexibility and extendibility that can be tailored to the needs of clients. "In these difficult economic times, smart companies are those that are recognizing the enormous value of capitalizing on the huge amount of information that exists on the sales side," said Stephen Purkiss, SPSS ETD vice president of sales and business development for cross industries. "With the implementation of Azerity's enhanced analytical capabilities, clients will be able to recognize issues and opportunities earlier, investigate the cause and effects and make timely decisions that have a significant business impact." About the SPSS Enabling Technologies Division The SPSS Enabling Technologies Division (SPSS ETD), headquartered in Miami, Fla., provides the company's analytical and predictive technologies to leading independent software vendors and solutions providers through strategic partnerships. SPSS ETD integrates advanced analytical and predictive technologies, data visualization, data warehousing, and industry-specific business intelligence expertise to deliver customized analytical solutions that allow organizations to solve tangible business problems. Through its pioneering technology, DiscoverIt(tm), SPSS Enabling Technologies Division provides a comprehensive Web-enabled framework that embeds analytical technologies and solutions into the infrastructure of organizations in key vertical and cross-industry markets, including telecommunications, healthcare, finance, retail, customer relationship management, and BI. For more information about SPSS Enabling Technologies Division and partnering opportunities, please visit www.spss.com/embed/. About Azerity Azerity, an evolution of Intelic Software, is a sell-side e-business software provider that enables manufacturers to create a highly efficient sales environment, dramatically increasing sales throughput by synchronizing complex business processes across and between the entire selling chain. Founded in 1998, the company developed its ProChannel solution for manufacturers and their selling communities, offering real-time market intelligence, end-to-end control of the sales process, and fast, accurate execution of transactions. Since then, ProChannel has become the industry standard at top-tier manufacturers with proven performance, a definable return on investment, and unsurpassed user satisfaction. In 2001, Intelic Software became Azerity, a name change designed to reflect the magnitude of growth that has occurred in sell-side automation, Internet adoption, and Azerity's role as a market leader for collaborative sales solutions. For additional information about Azerity, visit www.azerity.com.