Initial offerings are scheduled for Las Vegas in October in and Orlando in February 2002. This $1,695 event offers an intensive, hands-on introduction to web mining and eCRM methods, resources, tools and business-oriented exercises. Those in attendance will learn about various methods of leveraging Internet data for maximum commercial gain.

TMA's new offering has been designed for participants to:
· Gain a competitive edge by fueling their CRM initiatives with content-rich web data
· Optimize web communication strategies for personalized interactions
· Learn how to maneuver the double-edged personalization sword
· Raise response while reducing contact frequency
· Develop confidence in web mining concepts, terminology, methods and tool selection via hands-on exercises
· Plan and manage web mining projects effectively from the start
· Leave with the resources, contacts and actionable plans to substantially reduce project preparation time, costs and risks


A detailed course description, topic outline, instructor experience, site information, and secure registration form may be obtained through:
888-742-2454 (toll free)
281-364-7094 (direct)

Several popular software solutions will be used to support methods taught in the lecture portion of the course. In vendor-neutral fashion, the hands-on exercises will demonstrate strengths and limitations of various techniques as well as guidelines for selecting the right tools for your application.

Participants will learn the basics of web data collection, complex data modeling, variable selection, dynamic content personalization and CRM methods for the web. TMA’s “Leveraging Web Data for CRM Impact” course is intended for IT Executives, Line-of-Business VPs, Marketing Managers and Technology Planners who desire to make their web site an integral part of their organization's overall customer communications strategy.

The Modeling Agency (TMA) is a structured, redundant network of senior scientists, associate modelers, application programmers, project managers and technical documentation specialists with expertise in information modeling. TMA applies advanced data mining technology (transactional modeling) and knowledge engineering (domain expertise modeling) to arrive at automated decision support systems that are accurate and comprehensive, yet efficient, actionable and understandable.

A thorough description of TMA's background, experience and offerings in information modeling solutions, training and consulting may be referenced via TMA’s web site.