Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System deploys budgeting, reporting and analysis on the web with Comshare® CPM software

Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 29, 2002 - Comshare, Incorporated (NASDAQ: CSRE) announced today that the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System (SCVHHS) of San Jose, Calif., has chosen Comshare MPC™ software for corporate performance management (CPM), to integrate its budgeting, reporting and analysis systems, with plans to deploy the application to approximately 250 users across the health and hospital system.

Previously, SCVHHS used a combination of in-house, legacy and general ledger systems in combination with Excel spreadsheets to develop the annual budget and to report on budget vs. actual performance. Using Comshare MPC's integration with Excel Services, SCVHHS users can leverage already completed work in Excel.

"The old process proved extremely slow and cumbersome, taking up to nine months to complete," says John Gasper, Deputy CFO for SCVHHS. "Reporting on the web was limited to static PDF files that gave little useful information. SCVHHS needed a dynamic web-based application that could be used by both our power and casual users and could expand as needs dictated. And we needed better access to centralized, live data including actual and history budget information."

SCVHHS will streamline budgeting, reporting and analysis using the CPM application's central database, Microsoft SQL Server, to keep budget information current and in one place. Its 250 users will be empowered to do their own reporting in real time over the web without burdening finance or IT support staff for help. Comshare MPC offers multiple capabilities, including budgeting and forecasting so users can monitor historical trends to assist in forecasting more accurately.

With an annual budget of $1 billion and 6,000 full time employees, SCVHHS is owned and operated by the County of Santa Clara. It is licensed for over 650 beds and eight clinics, typically recording over one-half million visits per year. The two big drivers to managing the health and hospital system's extensive budget are patient days and outpatient visits to SCVHHS clinics. These are tracked by method of payment, such as by Medicare or insurance, and then projected as net revenue by department. SCVHHS's current baseline budget has numerous changes that need to be tracked throughout the year. Comshare MPC will automate that process.

About Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System

It is the mission of Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System to provide leadership in developing and promoting a healthy community through a planned, integrated health care delivery system which offers prevention, education and treatment programs to all residents of Santa Clara County, regardless of ability to pay. Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System provides a wide range of primary and specialty medical services and oversees public programs for the health and well being of all County residents. The SCVHHS system consists of the hospital, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Public Health, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Children Shelter and Custody Services, Community Outreach Programs and its own HMO, Valley Health Plan. For more information, visit the agency's web site at:

About Comshare, Incorporated

Comshare, Incorporated is a leading provider of software that helps companies implement and execute strategy. Comshare's application for corporate performance management encompasses planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, management reporting, and analysis. In business for over 35 years, Comshare is one of the top independent software companies, with Fortune 500 and Financial Times Top 1000 customers around the world. For more information on Comshare, call 1-800-922-7979, send email to or visit Comshare's website at

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