DDH Software Announces HanDBase 3.0 for Both Palm OS and Pocket PC Handhelds

New version reinvents the mobile database, offering peer-to-peer synchronization of data, scalable multi-user collaboration

LAKE WORTH, FL (July 25, 2002)…DDH Software, Inc. today announces the launch of HanDBase 3.0 for handheld computers based on the Palm OS and Pocket PC platforms. Coinciding with the 3.0 release, HanDBase will be launching several new add-on programs, including a Forms Designer, and Sync Exchange for Microsoft Access and for ODBC data files.

True to HanDBase’s long reputation as a leading innovator among mobile databases, the new version includes a host of new technologies and enhancements, including peer-to-peer synchronization via infrared or Bluetooth, scalability so multiple users can sync to shared database files, support for naming saved filters, sorts, and field settings as Views, and built-in alarms.

The ability for mobile professionals to collaborate with colleagues, sharing data and working from the same database file, is critical for many of today’s professionals who are out in the field and not in front of a desktop PC all day. One of the new technologies being introduced in HanDBase 3.0 is peer-to-peer synchronization. This new technology gives users the freedom to collaborate and share their data without using a central database server as “middleware.” By cutting out the network database requirement from the equation, colleagues are now able to synchronize their data files either by beaming their data to each other or over a Bluetooth wireless connection.

The peer-to-peer synchronization feature has very practical applications in a number of industries. A physician, for instance, can now beam-sync their updated patient data to their peer as they make their shift changes. A sales manager will be able to instantly collect project updates, sales orders, and cold call reports from her field representatives who are servicing accounts out in the field. A project manager for a construction company will be able to receive regular updates from his crew on timecard entries, quantities of materials used, and easily maintain a report on actual versus budgeted labor and material costs.

To further simplify collaboration among multiple users, HanDBase is now scalable, which allows colleagues to merge their separate database files into a single consolidated database. For the first time, an unlimited number of users can work on the same HanDBase data file concurrently, and changes made by each user will merge together during synchronization to form a single database file shared by all users.

Data security is tremendously important among enterprises today, especially when corporate data is stored on very small, portable devices that are easily lost or stolen. HanDBase 3.0 includes several new encryption options, including the unique ability to encrypt only the fields that are private and sensitive information. This new feature makes viewing and editing encrypted databases on a handheld device much more practical, as the entire database does not have to be encrypted and decrypted each time it is accessed as a user would with a traditional database. HanDBase 3.0 also provides a host of options for setting access parameters, enabling the administrator to establish who has the authority to carry out certain functions in a database, such as editing pop-up lists, opening a database, deleting records, beaming records, and many more.

Other new features of HanDBase 3.0 includes Virtual File System (VFS) support, which enables users to store and work from databases on expansion memory cards on Palm OS handhelds, and a new user interface that includes color view options, graphical menus, action buttons and pop-up tool menus. Further, the calculation editor has been completely redesigned to emulate a standard calculator, providing a set-up more familiar to users. The calculator supports advanced math and logarithmic functions, such as trigonometry, floor/ceiling, square root, rounding, and power.

“Those in attendance at our recent HanDBase Summit were very impressed and very enthusiastic about the remarkable new features we are introducing with HanDBase 3.0,” said David Haupert, DDH Software’s president and CEO. “We took a serious look at the data needs of mobile professionals and designed HanDBase 3.0 to enable the creation of flexible, customizable mobile databases that encourage collaboration among peers and is platform independent. Regardless of whether an enterprise is all Palm OS, all Pocket PC, or mixed, users will be able to exchange and synchronize their data files with each other via infrared, Bluetooth or they’ll be able to synchronize to a shared data file on the server and merge their information together into a consolidated database. HanDBase 3.0 provides a powerful corporate database solution, yet it is very economical for widespread deployment.”

The release of 3.0 will also pave the way for several new exciting add-on programs that will make creating custom data entry interfaces using the HanDBase Forms Designer program, along with bi-directional synchronization with Microsoft Access and most other ODBC data files possible.

HanDBase Forms is a new program that enables users to create forms using drag-and-drop full color components, including entry fields, tabs, buttons, checkboxes, pop-up menus, list boxes, and a wide variety of shapes. After transferring the forms via syncing to either a Palm OS or Pocket PC device, users are able to easily enter data using “wizard-like” forms. The result is a simple to learn and use data entry process that requires very little training for a company to implement.

Sync Exchange is a HanDBase add-on program that offers true two-way synchronization with backend database programs. Sync Exchange even supports multiple users, enabling entries made by one or more HanDBase users to be synced and merged into a single Access table, for example. There are three versions of the program: Sync Exchange for Microsoft Access, Sync Exchange for Filemaker Pro (Mac OS), and lastly Sync Exchange for ODBC data-sources.

> DDH Software is offering special packages to organizations wanting to deploy HanDBase across a company, making it easy and affordable to put up-to-date data in the hands of a workforce in a very rapid manner. Options include HanDBase Plus, HanDBase Professional, and HanDBase Enterprise:

1.) HanDBase Plus includes the HanDBase database for both the handheld device and Windows PC, plus the two-way synchronization conduit that merges changes made to a database, down to the record level, between a PDA and desktop computer. The base retail price for HanDBase Plus is $29.99.

2.) HanDBase Professional offers the same applications as HanDBase Plus, but adds the Multi-user syncing technology, plus the Sync Exchange for Access (PC) or Filemaker Pro (Mac), and the HanDBase Forms designer programs. The base retail price for HanDBase Pro is $39.99.

3.) HanDBase Enterprise includes the same applications as HanDBase Plus, but also includes the multi-user syncing technology, the HanDBase Forms program, HanDBase Sync Exchange for ODBC data-sources, and the HanDBase ODBC Driver that enables users to access live data for queries, reports, forms, charts, and mail-merge without having to perform any file-type conversions. The base retail price for this version is $99.99.

All registered users of HanDBase are eligible for a free update to the new v3.0, and for those wanting to upgrade to HanDBase Professional may do so at a special introductory price of $14.99.

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