Oracle adds third world record in data warehouse benchmarks

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Jul. 29, 2002 - Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ:ORCL), the world's largest enterprise software company, today announced a third record-breaking TPC-H data warehousing benchmark for Oracle9i Database. The latest benchmark result features Oracle9i Database Release 2 with Real Application Clusters on a four-node Hewlett Packard AlphaServer ES45 cluster with a total of 16 processors running Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster server software. This newest result outperforms the scale factor 100 GB record previously held by IBM DB2 on a four-node IBM eServer xSeries 350 cluster by 88 percent. Unlike IBM DB2, the Oracle system is configured to support node failure, and is therefore a more highly available configuration appropriate for a real-world implementation.

Building on a long history of performance records, Oracle now holds the performance world record for three top TPC-H large-scale data warehousing benchmark categories. This newest 100 GB TPC-H world record now joins the one-terabyte TPC-H record for Oracle9i Database Release 2 on an HP 9000 Superdome Enterprise Server, and the three-terabyte TPC-H record for Oracle9i Database Enterprise Edition Release 2 on the Sun Fire 15K server; both benchmarks outperformed the best results from IBM DB2 and NCR Teradata in scale factor 1000 GB and 3000 GB categories.

This benchmark is also Oracle's first TPC-H result to take advantage of table compression, a new feature in Oracle9i Database Release 2. Large data warehouse customers can now compress their tables to increase the total amount of raw data in their data warehouse, in turn, significantly reducing the total cost of storing data. Customers can also use table compression to improve query performance, as demonstrated in the newest TPC-H benchmark.performance test. Innovative features such as table compression illustrate why so many customers continue to choose Oracle's award-winning database over the competition to run their very large data warehouses.

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As of July 15, 2002: (1) HP AlphaServer ES45 Cluster, 5,578.4 QphH@100GB, $372.65/QphH@100GB, available 7/15/02. IBM eServer x350, 2,960.6 QphH@100GB, $337/QphH@100GB, available 6/20/02. (2) HP 9000 Superdome Enterprise Server, 25,805.4 QphH@1000GB, $213/QphH@1000GB, available 10/30/02. HP ProLiant DL760, 22361.92 QphH@1000GB, $255/QphH@1000GB, available 6/20/02. NCR Teradata, 18,542.9 QphH@1000GB, $638/QphH@1000GB, available 7/27/01. Sun Fire 15K Server, 23,813.70 QphH@3000GB, $215/QphH@3000GB, available 10/30/02. HP ProLiant DL760, 21,053.5 QphH@3000GB, $291/QphH@3000GB, available 6/20/02. NCR Teradata, 18,803.6 QphH@3000GB, $989/QphH@3000GB, available 7/27/01. Source: Transaction Processing Council (TPC),


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