Move Beyond Simple Quality Control: Don't Just React to Problems, Anticipate Them With STATISTICA QC Miner

(Tulsa, Okla., 7/16/02) StatSoft, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of STATISTICA QC Miner, a powerful software solution designed to monitor processes, and identify and anticipate problems related to quality control and improvement with unmatched sensitivity and effectiveness.

STATISTICA QC Miner is the unique combination of StatSoft's quality control and improvement software with its cutting-edge STATISTICA Data Miner software for uncovering hidden trends, explaining known patterns, and predicting the future. All quality control charts, process capability analyses, experimental design procedures, and Six Sigma methods and charts are integrated with a comprehensive library of techniques for exploratory and predictive data mining, making STATISTICA QC Miner the ultimate data mining solution designed specifically for SPC applications.

STATISTICA QC Miner enables its users to:

  • Predict QC problems with cutting edge data mining methods.
  • Discover root causes of problem areas.
  • Monitor and improve ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Generate suggestions for improvement.
  • Monitor processes in real time over the Web.
  • Create and deploy QC/SPC solutions over the Web.
  • Use multithreading and distributed processing to rapidly process extremely large streams of data.

QC Miner projects can be connected to live data streams and automatically updated as new data (samples, observations) become available or actively poll external databases to retrieve samples at predefined intervals.

Unlike traditional industrial statistics and quality control software, STATISTICA QC Miner can be flexibly connected to data residing on your local computer, or to data in extremely large remote databases for in-place database processing, without requiring that a copy of the data be created on your local machine. Regardless of where and how the data are stored, or how large the databases containing process and quality-relevant information may be, STATISTICA QC Miner will easily and seamlessly connect to and integrate with your existing systems. There is practically no limit to the size of your data stream; STATISTICA QC Miner can screen unlimited numbers of characteristics (i.e., variables or features) and records.

QC Miner projects are fully programmable and can be customized using the syntax of industry standard languages (VB, C++). For example, users can create templates for different processes, variables, or applications.

Powerful Client-Server versions designed to rapidly process extremely large streams of data (using multithreading and distributed processing that can scale to batteries of servers), RDE (Rapid Deployment Engine), and Web-based versions are available. StatSoft offers also a selection of Deployment, Consulting, and Training services. Please visit to read more about STATISTICA QC Miner.

StatSoft, Inc. (, founded in 1984, is now one of the largest producers of enterprise and single-user software for data analysis, data mining, and quality control. Its products are used worldwide at most major universities, corporations, and government agencies and are distributed and supported with training and consulting services by a worldwide network of StatSoft subsidiaries and a large number of authorized distributors. STATISTICA has received the highest rating in EVERY comparative review in which it has been featured since its first release in 1993.

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