Survey Illustrates How API Solution Solves Nurse's Greatest Staffing/Scheduling Challenges

Integrated Real-Time Employee Information Allows Healthcare Organizations to Make Proactive Staffing Decisions That Control Costs and Improve Patient Care

HARTFORD, Wis., Nov. 26, 2002 -- Automating Peripherals Inc. (API) announced today that after surveying over 200 nurse executives, the company has found that its ActiveStaffer(R) staffing/scheduling solution addresses all of their scheduling concerns. ActiveStaffer automates the time-consuming, labor-intensive manual processes involved in scheduling employees, thereby maximizing resources, controlling labor costs and retaining qualified staff.

API found that 55 percent of nurses surveyed are manually performing staffing and scheduling tasks. The API survey found that the greatest problems nursing executives have with scheduling is that it's too time consuming (29 percent). Respondents reported that with the system they use, whether manual or automated, they experience general staffing issues (20 percent), such as accommodating employee preferences, holiday coverage and overall nursing shortage problems. The survey found that most nurses were looking for a system that was user-friendly (13 percent) and that accounted for staff skills and preferences (11 percent).

ActiveStaffer addresses these top challenges with:

-- Less Time-Consuming Automation -- Intuitive automation that allows managers and schedulers to quickly and easily determine schedules and plan twelve weeks, or more, in advance

-- Accommodates Employees Preferences, Needs, Skills -- Automatically develops schedules that take employee availability, preferences and skill sets into account, ensuring that organizations have the right person in the right place at the right time.

-- Employee Empowerment -- Improves employee satisfaction by providing scheduling flexibility and predictability. Employees have online, 24/7 access to their schedules so they have the ability to request time off and check work schedules online.

-- Intuitive System that Accounts for Business Situations -- Real-time information allows shift-by-shift management based on acuity, census and employee absenteeism information so organizations can provide the right mix of staff while controlling labor costs.

With ActiveStaffer, management has the information necessary to make quick staffing changes that improve patient care and proactively control labor costs. This Windows(R)-based application is easy-to-use, and quickly adapts to an organization's unique staffing environment. Nurse managers and schedulers can quickly determine the right employee for each position and shift. Staffing rules and policies, including complex holiday and weekend rules, are applied automatically. Healthcare organizations get real-time access to labor information, which helps managers and administrators make better-informed staffing decisions and control labor costs proactively. The system also helps organizations track and report on the new staffing effectiveness indicators from JCAHO

-- "We constantly talk to our target audience to make sure our products are meeting actual needs," said Luis Garcia, president and CEO for API. "We knew that ActiveStaffer was a good product, and this survey reflects that we've designed an application that solves real-world issues, and give healthcare organizations a way to easily and efficiently do their scheduling."

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