Motorola, FedEx Develop Wireless, Pocket PC for Couriers to Enhance Customer Service

FedEx(R) PowerPad provides faster mobile, online access to pickup and delivery information as well as service updates

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 26, 2002 -- FedEx Corporate Services, a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation (NYSE:FDX), and Motorola (NYSE:MOT) are developing FedEx(R) PowerPad, a Microsoft Windows-Powered Pocket PC designed to enhance customer service by providing 40,000 FedEx Express couriers with online, near real-time, wireless access to the FedEx network.

The device is part of Motorola's extensive portfolio of integrated communications and information solutions. Exclusively designed for FedEx, the FedEx PowerPad will enhance and accelerate package information available to customers by enabling couriers to wirelessly send and receive near real-time information and updates from any location. Additional functionality will be added, such as up-to-date information on shipping rates and inclement weather advisories.

The FedEx PowerPad will replace the current hand-held courier device, the FedEx(R) Supertracker. The new device is under testing and is expected to be widely available in early 2003.

FedEx continues to lead in developing its cutting-edge advances in wireless technology, rolling out solutions that make FedEx shipping information readily available anytime, anywhere to customers and employees. The company pioneered the use of wireless technology for shipping more than 20 years ago when it created its own private radio network, one of the world's largest. FedEx was the first transportation company to offer package tracking via wireless hand-held devices and wireless-ring scanners. FedEx was also the first to offer real-time package-tracking and drop-off location information via most types of PDAs and wireless phones.

"We continuously explore ways that technology can help us improve customer service, and the FedEx PowerPad is the latest example," said Winn Stephenson, senior vice president of IT Development for FedEx Services. "The FedEx PowerPad will give FedEx Express couriers convenient online access from any location, allowing them to update customer-package information almost immediately. We expect to be adding even more customer service features."

As soon as a package is scanned, the FedEx PowerPad immediately uploads information into the FedEx network. The signature capture capability on the PowerPad's touch screen is also loaded onto the network, enabling confirmation of signature proof of delivery.

The FedEx PowerPad will act as a personal network gateway and convey data directly to and from the FedEx internal network within minutes. Couriers will no longer need to return to the van to upload package information or refer to cumbersome manuals for additional shipping and service information, boosting courier efficiency and maximizing package visibility.

"Motorola and FedEx worked together from the start to develop a product that meets unique needs for convenience, flexibility, and ease of use, ensuring that it functions as a virtual online courier, " said Dave Nairn, Motorola Communications and Electronics vice president. "The FedEx PowerPad can also be easily supported by various networks to optimize and expand coverage into international regions, and take advantage of new network technologies."

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